Monday, March 3, 2014

Transfers, why not?

Transfers this week...
I'm staying in Lubango which is awesome. And Elder Dunkley and I are companions for a 3rd transfer. Its a long time, but I'm excited.
Things are going good though, The A.P.s came down this week. We got to go on a division with them. I went with Elder Clifford, and Elder Dunkley went with Elder Hyde. They gave us some motivational speeches haha, it was kind of a joke but they had a good point. They talked about how we need to have faith before the miracle. And how we should have an attitude that we're going to find someone who is searching for the Gospel every day. They always posed the question ''Why not?''
Why wouldn't we find a family that day, or why wouldn't we baptize 5 people this transfer. It was funny, but at the same time, its a good point. We changed our attitude and the miracles are coming.
Elder Dunkley and Elder Hyde did a lot of finding, one guy they found is named Arifat. They knocked his door. He told them that that morning he said a prayer that someone would help him in his life. Hes going through a hard time. He left his wife because she had an abortion and didn't tell him. he has 3 other kids. and he just lost his job. Hes super faithful and excited to learn more.
Then on Saturday, Elder Dunkley and I were at the church, we had just got done cleaning it and our lessons fell through for the rest of the night. So i opened up my planner and started calling people. I thought of a guy that we met a couple weeks ago. His name is Zola. His brother was baptized in Namibia so he already knows the church. He even went there for about a year in Namibia. He was really excited to talk to us. Hes 25, married, and his wife is pregnant with their first child. Hes been out of town a lot so we haven't been able to sit with him, so i decided to call him. He answered and said that he would love to sit with us. He met us at a school, and drove us to his house. He lives in a way nice house. He told us that hes been having a rough time and that married life isn't easy. Hes been tempted a lot and wants to change. He then told us that we were an answer to his prayers cause that morning he said a prayer that God would send someone to help him change. Sometimes things work out so perfectly i feel like someone is paying these people to sit with us. haha.
Anyways, The area is doing great. the miracles are coming. I love you guys. Thanks for all the support.
Elder Money

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