Monday, February 24, 2014

Things are good!!!

Well Things are going good. This week was a good pick me up week. We found a lot of cool new people, Its been raining on and off which is always nice. Things are going good. I also found powerade in a random store in the middle or a bairro!!!!!!!!!! its expensive, but its worth it.

Yesterday Elder Dunkley and I taught the jovens at church. The lesson was on the hymn book. I actually learned a lot from it. Thats one of the great things about teaching, sometimes you learn more than you do when you get taught. But we read the preface to the hymn book and made a list of all the blessings that the first presidency promises from the hymn book. It was actually pretty cool. It also gave us a couple of hymns that we could read and study. Some talking about our Heavenly parents, and the pre earth life. A lot of cool things. Ive learned to really like the hymns. They really are a source of strength and happiness for when we are feeling weak or sad. But yeah just something i learned this week.

We still havent gotten our bikes, its really hard to find a store that sells them, so maybe well find them this week.

The area is doing good. Transfers are next week so we'll see what happens, Hopefully i stay so pray for me! :) I love you all! The church is true.

Elder Money

Monday, February 17, 2014

Pode Ninja

Hey yall,
so another week. Nothing too special. my comp and I have gotten the okay to get bikes!!! we're way stoked!! we just have to wait for the money to get here..... This last week we ran out of money so we were cooking everything we could with flour and sugar and milk cause thats all we had in the house, but it actually turned out pretty good. we made biscuits and gravy!

This week we had some good lessons. Something kinda funny that happened, We were teaching a lesson to a recent convert named Leonel and we were talking about faith. He asked that if we have faith, why cant we float in the air. I told him that if we had enough faith, we could. And he asked why we dont have enough faith to float, so i told him i did, and asked him if he wanted to see. so i stood up, and did a magic trick that i learned back home, where it makes it look like youre floating about an inch off of the ground, when in reality youre just lifting up your heels, but because of the angle, it looks like youre floating.... Well he was pretty amazed haha. He started calling me a Pode Ninja. He came to church yesterday and was asking me to teach him how i did it. and said that he had been up all night trying to figure out how to do it haha. I just keep telling him to read his scriptures and pray, and maybe he'll be able to do it one day :)

Things are going good. I love and miss you all. Youre in my prayers.

Elder Money

Monday, February 10, 2014


Hey yall,
Things are going great. Our area has been blessed a ton this past week. I dont know what it is, but we must be doing something right. We met a bunch of new people that are way cool. I also found out this week, that Joana, One of my old investigators from cassequel accepted the invitation to be baptized. She believed that all churches were true. Her husband is a recent convert, and when Elder Hamilton walked with us, we went to their house. I guess he really is a man of God haha.
But yeah, things are going great. Im loving missionary work. Ive also learned that the harder you work, the faster time goes. So I plan on working as hard as i can for this last year! :)
We really are blessed when we learn to recognize the hand of the Lord in our lives. Its there, I promise. Sometimes we just have to work a little harder, or search a little more, and sometimes, all we have to do is ask. I hope that you all can recognize the Lord's hand in your life. I love you all. The church is true!

Elder Money

Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Week in Lubango

Hey peeps,
Nothing too special this week. same old same old. Its rained a lot and doesn't look like its gonna stop. But i love the rain so its all good. We have a baptism this Saturday and one planned for later this month. Other than that, nothing really new. So i thought Id share with you guys something that my mission president taught me last time he was down here in Lubango.
He started off by telling us to think of who he was talking about.
This person left Jerusalem with their family
returned in search of the brass plates.
saw an angel.
lived in the wilderness

reached the great waters and built a ship.

and came to the promised land.
Who is it.....
Its Laman. I thought it was nNphi. and Nephi did these things too, but so did Laman. But we know that Laman was a bad person. so what was the difference..... What it came down to was their attitudes. Nephi did all those things with a "I will go and do" attitude, whereas Laman on the other hand did all those things with a "Because I have to" attitude. Its true what they say that "attitude determines altitude". Doing whats right for the wrong reasons doesn't cut it. We have to do it cause we want to. And when we have a positive attitude, our altitude will be a lot higher.
Have a positive attitude and NEVER complain. I love and miss you all.
Elder Money

Following pictures are from Elder Tingeys blog