Monday, June 16, 2014


pics from President and Sister Merrills Blog

Things here are going good. I'm close, and yet far haha. i really like my area. we've started to focus more on working with the members. so that's helping. i love getting to know new people. Ive met so many awesome people.  we've got a couple new missionaries, i think were holding strong at about 25, we got a new American and 4 new Mozambicans. so its going good. my comp is really cool, we get along really well. hes a Utes fan and a falcons fan. hes kinda quiet, and i talk a lot so it works out haha. But yeah I'm loving it. i just keep on keepin on. i still quote movies all the time and say name that movie, but a lot of the time I'm talking to the wrong crowd haha.... Anyways i love and miss you. thanks for always being there for me. I was thinking about the time when i was about 5 and i didn't want to sleep in my bedroom but you made me, so i waited in there a bit and came back out and told you i had a scary dream that a whale ate me.... I lied :) haha but you still let me sleep in your room.

Sounds like the family is doing awesome. That's such a blessing. we really are blessed. Its nice to be able to focus on the mish and not have to worry about home. And yes i would love to go to the San diego temple!! There was a couple from our branch who went to south Africa a couple of weeks ago to get sealed. They're a young couple. shes a returned missionary. I miss the temple a ton. i talked to them about it, he was kinda mixed emotions so to speak haha. i think he was expecting something different. but i love it. i cant wait to get back and go again.

Things here are going good. the area is doing really well. this has been kind of a long transfer. it started early because of the visas and what not. but i dunno just a lot has gone on. as for marcial. He works at a bakery. his future parent in laws own it and he manages it. He is awesome. Hes always happy. And hes way good at soccer. He speaks french and a little bit of English. but his wife is fluent. hes one of my favorite members. hes the young men's president in our branch. ill forward you his email and you can talk to him. you could send it in English and his wife can respond.... i don't know the details but you guys can work it out. i told him you'd love to help. hes gonna walk with us on Wednesday cause we've found a bunch of members from the Congo who only speak french... so hell be our translator haha. but yeah i love you and miss you. thanks for being so awesome!!!!

''Im on the last stretch, but i still cant see the finish line :)'' -Elder Money

Your little boy