Monday, March 24, 2014

Zone Conference

So this week We had Zone Conference. We had all the Huambo Elders, the Assistants, and President and Sister come down. 10 Elders sleeping in the same house for the weekend! It was way fun. Normally there are only 4 Elders here in lubango so it was nice to have 10. It was like a small army walking down the road.

Sister Merrill talked about feeling inadequate and how we are better than we think we are and we should be filled with love for ourselves and our companions. She said that we wouldn't stand in front of someone and tell them everything that's wrong about that person, so we shouldn't do it to ourselves.

President talked about the brother of Jared and Enos and how they were "Master Learners" and how we should strive to become master learners so that we can become master teachers.

We had a leadership meeting. It was good. We talked about our numbers and where we can improve and what needs to be fixed here in Lubango and Huambo. But things are going good.

We got to eat crocodile, onix, and boar. The weather is perfect right now. It rains a little bit every so often. and its always nice and cool. loving the mish. love you all.

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