Monday, March 24, 2014

March 23

Really liked your guys emails this week. good stories. and updates. 

We had zone conference on Saturday. all the elders from Huambo, the other province, and the aps and pres and sis came down to Lubango. We had 10 elders sleeping in our house for 3 days!! it was a blast. we got to do divisions and walk together. it was way fun. President and sister got robbed last week in my old area!!! they were driving down the road taking one of the new Mozambicans to his area. and some 5 guys circled their car while they were in traffic, 3 of them had guns. and they took their iPhone and their money and sisters purse! pretty crazy. but they're ok. we also went to this restaurant and ate all these crazy foods. we had crocodile, onix, and boar. it was way fun to have all the elders down here. President had interviews with the lubango elders. it was awesome to have them down here. President talked a little bit about our spiritual age and i remember a time that i told reed i was going to be spiritually older than him after we both died... i didn't realize what that meant at the time hahaha, but tell him to keep progressing or ill catch up to him ;) 

Things are going good here. Jorge did get baptized. hes doing really good. He loved his baptism. the branch is working really hard to keep him active and bring him in. Hes loving it. we cooked lunch at his house this past week. we cooked normal rice and we bought this chicken from the store and we found this sauce that is a sweet and spicy sauce.... its wayyyyy good. 

The areas going good. That investigator that was in the same room as lassallettes bro is doing good. hes really old. and still hasn't come to church. but he told us that he believes these things are true... i think hes afraid cause his whole family is Methodist and his wife is the head of the women in the Methodist church here in Lubango. but well still keep working with him. 

were going to tundavala today so that ll be fun. its been raining on and off this past week. i love it. Things are going great. time is flying by. One thing you guys could do for me, is if you hear any good talks you can tell me which one they are or send me the link and i can look them up and download the audio on to my pindrive. I've been doing that a lot lately... i found a talk about patriarchal blessings and it really helped me appreciate mine more. which is one thing i struggle with. it was a talk by pres. Faust. also i was thinking about maybe getting Gramps patriarchal blessing.... but yeah just a thought.

Love you guys! thanks for all the support. things are going great! miss you.
ATM aka Elder Money aka SuperMan aka Teu Filho

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