Monday, March 10, 2014


Things are going good. No complaints. The weather is awesome, areas doing well. same old same old.
This Saturday we have a baptism of a guy named Jorge... Hes an awesome guy. hes a reference from one of the members. We started teaching him about 3 months ago. When we started teaching him, you could tell something wasn't right he had a bad problem with drinking and drugs. He couldn't sit still and was always really nervous and timid. He said that he wanted to turn his life around. We taught him and that's exactly what he did. Hes become a new person! Hes a lot more calm and happier. Hes super smart and understands the Book of Mormon really well. He especially loves the story of Lehis dream of the tree of life. Its amazing to see the change that has happened in his life, even his family and friends have noticed it. He has a super strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. If you could see Jorge from the first time we sat with him and where hes at now, you wouldn't believe it. Hes stopped drinking and the use of drugs completely. And he says whenever hes feeling weak he just reads The Book of Mormon and he no longer has the desire to do those things. Its awesome to see the change that the Gospel has in people's lives. The Book of Mormon really does give us strength.
O evangelho muda as vidas! (the gospel changes lives!)
Elder Money

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