Monday, March 31, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

This past week was awesome. We found some awesome new people! We had ton of lessons this past week. Things are going great. Ive never been so tired in my life! haha. But its all good. I'm loving it!

The area is doing amazing. Its crazy to think that we whitewashed this area and see how much success were having. Its super rewarding to see how far we've come.
I never thought i could feel so much love for complete strangers. I love love love the two new families we started teaching this past week! they are awesome!! My testimony on the mish has grown so much. Its awesome to see the change that comes in peoples lives when they find the Gospel. Its a huge testimony builder to me. Its funny how many people call us ´´men of God´´. People here have so much faith. I love it. My faith has grown so much. The gospel is true. It changes and blesses lives! I love you all!

Elder Money

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 23

Really liked your guys emails this week. good stories. and updates. 

We had zone conference on Saturday. all the elders from Huambo, the other province, and the aps and pres and sis came down to Lubango. We had 10 elders sleeping in our house for 3 days!! it was a blast. we got to do divisions and walk together. it was way fun. President and sister got robbed last week in my old area!!! they were driving down the road taking one of the new Mozambicans to his area. and some 5 guys circled their car while they were in traffic, 3 of them had guns. and they took their iPhone and their money and sisters purse! pretty crazy. but they're ok. we also went to this restaurant and ate all these crazy foods. we had crocodile, onix, and boar. it was way fun to have all the elders down here. President had interviews with the lubango elders. it was awesome to have them down here. President talked a little bit about our spiritual age and i remember a time that i told reed i was going to be spiritually older than him after we both died... i didn't realize what that meant at the time hahaha, but tell him to keep progressing or ill catch up to him ;) 

Things are going good here. Jorge did get baptized. hes doing really good. He loved his baptism. the branch is working really hard to keep him active and bring him in. Hes loving it. we cooked lunch at his house this past week. we cooked normal rice and we bought this chicken from the store and we found this sauce that is a sweet and spicy sauce.... its wayyyyy good. 

The areas going good. That investigator that was in the same room as lassallettes bro is doing good. hes really old. and still hasn't come to church. but he told us that he believes these things are true... i think hes afraid cause his whole family is Methodist and his wife is the head of the women in the Methodist church here in Lubango. but well still keep working with him. 

were going to tundavala today so that ll be fun. its been raining on and off this past week. i love it. Things are going great. time is flying by. One thing you guys could do for me, is if you hear any good talks you can tell me which one they are or send me the link and i can look them up and download the audio on to my pindrive. I've been doing that a lot lately... i found a talk about patriarchal blessings and it really helped me appreciate mine more. which is one thing i struggle with. it was a talk by pres. Faust. also i was thinking about maybe getting Gramps patriarchal blessing.... but yeah just a thought.

Love you guys! thanks for all the support. things are going great! miss you.
ATM aka Elder Money aka SuperMan aka Teu Filho

Zone Conference

So this week We had Zone Conference. We had all the Huambo Elders, the Assistants, and President and Sister come down. 10 Elders sleeping in the same house for the weekend! It was way fun. Normally there are only 4 Elders here in lubango so it was nice to have 10. It was like a small army walking down the road.

Sister Merrill talked about feeling inadequate and how we are better than we think we are and we should be filled with love for ourselves and our companions. She said that we wouldn't stand in front of someone and tell them everything that's wrong about that person, so we shouldn't do it to ourselves.

President talked about the brother of Jared and Enos and how they were "Master Learners" and how we should strive to become master learners so that we can become master teachers.

We had a leadership meeting. It was good. We talked about our numbers and where we can improve and what needs to be fixed here in Lubango and Huambo. But things are going good.

We got to eat crocodile, onix, and boar. The weather is perfect right now. It rains a little bit every so often. and its always nice and cool. loving the mish. love you all.

Elder Money

Monday, March 10, 2014


Things are going good. No complaints. The weather is awesome, areas doing well. same old same old.
This Saturday we have a baptism of a guy named Jorge... Hes an awesome guy. hes a reference from one of the members. We started teaching him about 3 months ago. When we started teaching him, you could tell something wasn't right he had a bad problem with drinking and drugs. He couldn't sit still and was always really nervous and timid. He said that he wanted to turn his life around. We taught him and that's exactly what he did. Hes become a new person! Hes a lot more calm and happier. Hes super smart and understands the Book of Mormon really well. He especially loves the story of Lehis dream of the tree of life. Its amazing to see the change that has happened in his life, even his family and friends have noticed it. He has a super strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. If you could see Jorge from the first time we sat with him and where hes at now, you wouldn't believe it. Hes stopped drinking and the use of drugs completely. And he says whenever hes feeling weak he just reads The Book of Mormon and he no longer has the desire to do those things. Its awesome to see the change that the Gospel has in people's lives. The Book of Mormon really does give us strength.
O evangelho muda as vidas! (the gospel changes lives!)
Elder Money

Monday, March 3, 2014

Transfers, why not?

Transfers this week...
I'm staying in Lubango which is awesome. And Elder Dunkley and I are companions for a 3rd transfer. Its a long time, but I'm excited.
Things are going good though, The A.P.s came down this week. We got to go on a division with them. I went with Elder Clifford, and Elder Dunkley went with Elder Hyde. They gave us some motivational speeches haha, it was kind of a joke but they had a good point. They talked about how we need to have faith before the miracle. And how we should have an attitude that we're going to find someone who is searching for the Gospel every day. They always posed the question ''Why not?''
Why wouldn't we find a family that day, or why wouldn't we baptize 5 people this transfer. It was funny, but at the same time, its a good point. We changed our attitude and the miracles are coming.
Elder Dunkley and Elder Hyde did a lot of finding, one guy they found is named Arifat. They knocked his door. He told them that that morning he said a prayer that someone would help him in his life. Hes going through a hard time. He left his wife because she had an abortion and didn't tell him. he has 3 other kids. and he just lost his job. Hes super faithful and excited to learn more.
Then on Saturday, Elder Dunkley and I were at the church, we had just got done cleaning it and our lessons fell through for the rest of the night. So i opened up my planner and started calling people. I thought of a guy that we met a couple weeks ago. His name is Zola. His brother was baptized in Namibia so he already knows the church. He even went there for about a year in Namibia. He was really excited to talk to us. Hes 25, married, and his wife is pregnant with their first child. Hes been out of town a lot so we haven't been able to sit with him, so i decided to call him. He answered and said that he would love to sit with us. He met us at a school, and drove us to his house. He lives in a way nice house. He told us that hes been having a rough time and that married life isn't easy. Hes been tempted a lot and wants to change. He then told us that we were an answer to his prayers cause that morning he said a prayer that God would send someone to help him change. Sometimes things work out so perfectly i feel like someone is paying these people to sit with us. haha.
Anyways, The area is doing great. the miracles are coming. I love you guys. Thanks for all the support.
Elder Money