Monday, August 25, 2014

New Transfer

So a new transfer with a new companion. I really like Elder Rigby. We get a long well. We teach really well together. We love messing with the little kids and showing them magic tricks haha.

I was thinking of a message to share with you guys. There is a new Mormon message that I really really like. Its awesome. It has to do with God answering our prayers. I hope you guys watch it and learn from it and how God answers your own prayers.

Monday, August 18, 2014

4 months

Crazy to think i only have for 4 more months left. Its going by fast! But yeah things here are going good. We had a busy week with all sorts of things. Going out and doing baptismal interviews, activities, service projects, etc. It was a busy week, it was different than our normal weeks so that was good.
Ive been studying a lot about Patriarchal Blessings lately. They are one of the things I love most about the true church being restored. A Patriarchal blessing-Direct communication from Heavenly Father to you. I listened to a talk by President Faust as well as another one by a Patriarch at BYU. President Faust talks about how his blessing is small, but it is perfect for what he needed. I heard once that President Hinckley's was only a paragraph or two. The patriarch at BYU talked about 3 purposes to a patriarchal blessing:
1. Declare Lineage
2. Stand as a testimony of the truth
3. Show Heavenly Father's love for you.
Mine does all 3 of these as, I'm sure, does yours. I think of things that are in my blessing that only God could have possibly known. It declares my lineage and Shows Heavenly Fathers love for me. I am so grateful for my patriarchal blessing. I encourage you to rely on yours and study it prayerfully if you already have it and if you don't, pray about it and see if its the right time for you to get it.
I love you all. I pray for you every day. Thanks for everything.
Elder Money