Monday, March 31, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

This past week was awesome. We found some awesome new people! We had ton of lessons this past week. Things are going great. Ive never been so tired in my life! haha. But its all good. I'm loving it!

The area is doing amazing. Its crazy to think that we whitewashed this area and see how much success were having. Its super rewarding to see how far we've come.
I never thought i could feel so much love for complete strangers. I love love love the two new families we started teaching this past week! they are awesome!! My testimony on the mish has grown so much. Its awesome to see the change that comes in peoples lives when they find the Gospel. Its a huge testimony builder to me. Its funny how many people call us ´´men of God´´. People here have so much faith. I love it. My faith has grown so much. The gospel is true. It changes and blesses lives! I love you all!

Elder Money

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