Monday, February 24, 2014

Things are good!!!

Well Things are going good. This week was a good pick me up week. We found a lot of cool new people, Its been raining on and off which is always nice. Things are going good. I also found powerade in a random store in the middle or a bairro!!!!!!!!!! its expensive, but its worth it.

Yesterday Elder Dunkley and I taught the jovens at church. The lesson was on the hymn book. I actually learned a lot from it. Thats one of the great things about teaching, sometimes you learn more than you do when you get taught. But we read the preface to the hymn book and made a list of all the blessings that the first presidency promises from the hymn book. It was actually pretty cool. It also gave us a couple of hymns that we could read and study. Some talking about our Heavenly parents, and the pre earth life. A lot of cool things. Ive learned to really like the hymns. They really are a source of strength and happiness for when we are feeling weak or sad. But yeah just something i learned this week.

We still havent gotten our bikes, its really hard to find a store that sells them, so maybe well find them this week.

The area is doing good. Transfers are next week so we'll see what happens, Hopefully i stay so pray for me! :) I love you all! The church is true.

Elder Money

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