Monday, June 24, 2013


So this week we got transfers! turns out ill be staying another transfer in Luanda 2C with Elder Mcallister. the other two elders who live with us are both leaving and no one is replacing them! so well be the only Elders in our house. which means we each get our own bathroom, own shower, own toilet, own bunk bed, own study room. haha turns out I'm still spoiled, even in Africa :)
But things are going great! so I'm happy to stay. It'll be a change to only have two elders in the house, but I'm excited. Our area is awesome!! We have some amazing investigators. The Lord has blessed us so much. Elder Mcallister said to me the other day 创I Feel like we don't even do anything创 What he means is that all of our investigators are progressing perfectly. Some Elders have couples who cant get married, or people who cant give up drinking or other habits. but our investigators are awesome. They truly have been prepared by the Lord. So we really do just rely on him and try our best. I really like a quote that my mom sent me back when i was in the MTC. i don't remember it exactly, but its something like 创The Lord will always do his part, but it will always be the second part.创 As long as we do our part he will do his. and that's really whats going on in our area right now.
our chapel in Multiperfil just got its own portable baptismal font. so that will be way nice, we don't have to go all the way into the city into Cassequelle to go to baptisms. We have one baptism this week. his name is CAMS. (Good luck to whoever pronounces that one :) ) but he was born in Cabo Verde. Hes super cool! and super nice and humble.
And now for my missionary soapbox :) One thing the mission has taught me is how to deal with other people. Often times well get frustrated with ourselves when we cant do something, or sometimes well get frustrated with others when they don't do something right. But what I've learned is that nobody is perfect. For me, i knew i wasn't perfect, or anywhere close. but my problem was that i expected others to be. and when they weren't, i got frustrated. For example sometimes well be in a lesson and my comp well start teaching something different then what i wanted to teach. or maybe someone will leave a mess in the kitchen. When things like this happen, we can choose how we react. the truth is that nobody is perfect. We are all imperfect. and we have to learn to deal with it. And were all that Heavenly Father has to deal with. Imperfect beings. so when i get frustrated i just think of Him and his example, and it encourages me to fix my imperfections. patience patience patience.
Elder $

Matthew 7:5

Monday, June 17, 2013

6 Months!!!

First off, Happy fathers day to all the dads!! Hope it was a great one, even though your favorite son/bro/bro-in-law wasn't there.
So in two days, I hit my 6 month mark!! I cant believe I'm already 1/4th done! time flies.
So next week is transfers. i love my area, but I've been here for 4 months and I'm about ready for a change. so well see what happens.
This past week A got baptized. Hes awesome. He started the lessons with some other Elders but then moved into our area. His wife was gonna come to his baptism, but shes pregnant and so she didn't make it. But once she delivers he once us to teach her the lessons so that's awesome! Elder Tingey baptized him, and i confirmed him. he really wants to go to the temple and get sealed! so were hoping that she'll gain a testimony, then get baptized, and A will be able to baptize her, then they, and their two kids will get sealed in the temple!!! but one step at a time :)
Other than that, not much has happened, were working hard to help all our progressing investigators, and try to find new ones at the same time. Things are going good! ..... funny story I'm sitting here writing this email and some guy starts saying something, so i turn around and hes asks me in English if he can come play soccer with us sometime. (we play soccer every p-day so were in our soccer clothes) turns out hes from Nigeria and wants to play. so i gave him a pass along card. so well see how that goes!
So Angolans are known for their dreams. We always have investigators who tell us about their crazy dreams. i don't know if its something in the water, or just the land or what, but lately i have been having the weirdest dreams ever haha. Africa is definitely a special place.
I love you all! and miss you. you're in my prayers every day and thank you for all of yours!! the church is true :)

Elder Money


Monday, June 10, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Hey everyone!!
First of all happy birthday to Ash!! Good thing you have Charlie to keep you young ;) hehe Also congrats to whit for graduating high school!!! crazy that its been a year since i graduated!! its been a busy one, that's for sure.
So things in our area are going great! We had 169 people at church yesterday, and 14 investigators! The chapel was full, we had to sit out in the foyer area. I don't know what they're going to do when it gets any bigger. We´re really trying to focus on families, but its hard cause usually the dad works all day, or they're not married, or they just don't want to listen. but were working hard. We have two investigators getting baptized on Saturday, and hopefully well have 3 on the 29th. A is getting baptized this Saturday. Hes awesome!! We got lucky, cause he studied with the missionaries in Namibia, so he speaks perfect English, and he found some missionaries here, and was studying with them, but he moved into our area. So we've been teaching him. Hes super humble. And he actually studies what we teach him! He didn't have a bible, so I gave him mine. the BOM is more important anyways ;) But hes married which is super rare, and he has one kid. His wife´s aunt died, so she is out of town for a month, but when she gets back, well sit with her as well. He use to be a DJ haha so that's cool. Hopefully he´ll get baptized this Saturday and then receive the priesthood next Saturday, and if his wife decides to get baptized, he´ll be able to baptize her!! So yeah things are doing great! Our area is awesome. And I'm finally getting the hang of things.
Also, The weather right now is awesome!! Its still on the warmer side, but its cooling down. and Usually theres a nice little breeze. so that's a lot better than what it was when i got here!
I love you all! things are going great!! keep in touch!! Eu Sei que esta Igreja e verdadeira. E tambem que esta igreja abençoa as vidas das todas pessoas. Cada familia precisa o evangelho en suas vidas. Eu Amo todo Voces!
Elder Money
Translate:  I know that this church and true. and also that the church blesses the lives of all people. every family needs the gospel en their lives. I love all you guys!
Mom and Reed,
i decided to write you guys together so i didn't have to type it twice :)
Crazy times!! so much is going on!! Graduation, birthdays, missionaries, Taylor swift concerts haha, all that!!! Awesome!!!!! i love to hear that everything is going great!! Trent wrote me a letter, I get letters pretty quick, sometimes a week, sometimes two. packages take a lot longer. as far as i know i don't have any. But I'm waiting! Things are going great in our area. I'm doing a lot better with the language, i know the area, things are going great! when i first got here, we usually had about 100 to 110 people at church. yesterday we had 169!! Elder McAllister and I had 14 investigators at church yesterday! we have two baptisms this Saturday. one with Arnaldo, hes a stud, he was a DJ. he studied in Namibia, he speaks perfect English. and hes married with a kid. we haven't been able to sit with his wife so only he will get baptized. then Mimi, she comes to church every Sunday and we always sit with her fam, she has 4 kids. but they never come. she doesn't really have much control over them. but shes also going to get baptized. and hopefully that will be an example for her kids. then we have two or three people that were hoping will get baptized on the 29th! so things are going great.
We meet a ton of people in the streets, and they always say they'll come to church but never do. this past week we were walking and the normal thing to do is to say how are you as you walk by. most people will either say thank you or good. and i was walking past this guy and said como esta and he said sou mal. which means I'm bad. first time I've ever received that response so we asked him why, and he told us cause of his health. (he was an older guy) and his foot and leg were all swollen. theres a lot of elephantitis here but i don't think it was that. but we gave him a card and told him to come to church. and he actually did!!! so that was awesome. crazy how some people will go through sooo much just to get to church, when others wont even read or pay a dollar for a taxi to get to church.
 Also tell Trent thank you for the letter!! he writes me quite a bit. i love his letters! he talked about fasting and his trip to India. (India sounds about the same as Angola) haha. he always says not to write him back, so tell him thanks for the letters.  Things are going great!! I love you and miss you so much!!! Hope you're all safe and things are going great!! Eu Amo Voces!! :)


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wedding, Baptism, Kretly

Hey everyone,
First of all congrats to Ryan and Ash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):) that's sooo awesome!!! I'm stoked for you guys!!!! Cant wait to see her on Skype at Christmas!!! :)
So this week was super busy! H and A got married on Wednesday, the 29th. Weddings here are way different. They go to the conservatory, all dressed up in their suit and wedding gown, and they just sign some papers and then they're married. so that was cool to be able to see.
Thursday we helped paint their house in the morning. and taught 4 lessons. Then on Friday, we had zone conference from 9 in the morning to 17. President Kretly is here in Angola so he was in charge of zone conference. and then we went to a fiesta for Elder and Ana at the church, that started at 19. It was really nice and President Miranda, the district president, gave them a blessing. They had a bunch of food there and we ate sugar cane, mucua, and Caterpillars! haha they were nasty.
On Saturday Elder, Ana, and their son Edi got baptized. And ALL the Elders got sick from the food we had at zone conference. so i was sick at the baptism but not too bad. and then we had church yesterday. and they all got confirmed. They're the first family to get baptized in Angola in 5 months!!! just goes to show how hard it is to get married here. Then we went to a fireside with President Kretly, he talked about the 7 habits of highly effective people. And yeah that's our week!! Were super busy which is good. And things are going great! I love you all and miss you!!
Elder Money