Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7


we had another great week. we didn't get to watch general conference, but we watched part of the woman's conference at an investigators house. i looked for you guys but didn't see you... We had some good lessons. we marked 4 baptismal dates. so things are going good. Luisa and one of her daughters came to church yesterday. after church, she came up to me and told me she liked it a lot. then i heard her talking to some members and she told them that she felt a great peace inside of her.... I was soooo happy to hear that!!! shes awesome. were going over there tonight to have a family night. should be fun. After church we had some lessons than we went to lassallettes bros house. hes doing good. he can walk and everything, he just has to take it easy. we had a good talk with them. found out a little more about his conversion story and how the church started here in Lubango. They talked about being led by the spirit without realizing it... which i have gained a testimony of on the mish. Like you say and theres a quote from Marion g Romney that says something like i know when I'm being led by the spirit cause i learn something from what i say. That happens to me a lot on the mish. when afterwards I'm just like wow i never thought of that before.... but yeah things are going great. transfers are next week!! i would like to stay, but i wont be too sad if i leave. i just wanna stay for Luisa and her fam.... but whatever happens I'm cool with. 
We have another investigator named Teodoro. i think I've told you a little bit about him. hes an older guy. His wife is the head of the women in the Methodist church. I swear he already has a testimony, but hes afraid to leave cause of his family.... but were working on him. hes progressing slowly but surely. Hes super cool. Hes older though and has some pains in his back. It starts in his lower back and wraps around to his sides... He has a problem with his hip as well. I told him id ask reed about it... so if you have any ideas on what it is haha..... but he says hes gonna go to Namibia to have a good doctor look at it. so well see. keep him in your prayers... 
Luisa made me laugh this week shes finally starting to understand that this is the only true church... she was talking about the catholic church and saying how she doesn't believe in what they believe and is looking for a new church and we explained priesthood to her and she asked us where did the pope get his priesthood from. she thought it was a really clever question, until we told her that he didn't have it haha. she looks at us and was shocked. she said, if he doesn't have the priesthood, than who does he think he is telling people what to believe haha. it was pretty funny. her kids ask the cutest questions. 

I forgot to tell you a story last week.... but in the middle of the night, I wake up and Elder Gran, one of the other elders we live with is in our room looking out our window and he says someone is outside of our house.... hes freaking out... he said he heard someone banging on our door so we got up look out the windows we cant see anything we lock the door, and went back to bed.... turns out there was a group of teenagers in the middle of the night that were going around to peoples houses and banging on the doors... but they didn't knock on our door, it was our neighbors haha. but yeah..

So yeah things are going good. lovin the mish. excited for transfers. love you all. ill try and download the priesthood session. love you guys!!!
your little boy

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