Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hey y'all

Hey everybody!
     How's it going? Brade got his call to Mexico?! that's awesome!! can't wait to speak
Portuguese/espanol together. I'm stoked for all my friends. you guys are lucky in that
you'll know a ton of peeps in the mtc. Elder Malugin is here now! haha so i see him
quite a bit. but that's about it. but at the same time its good cause it forces me to
meet new people.
     NEW YORK - so this past week I went to NY. What an adventure. Two weeks ago,
we got a letter that said we would be going to NY and that was it. So we show up when
we're suppose to and they took us to the Salt Lake Airport on Wednesday at 9:00 pm.
they just dropped me and elder fontaine off. so we walk in and had no idea what to do.
haha. luckily we figured it out and got our tickets and got through security. we barely
missed cafe rio. so we had to settle for MCdonalds which we were still pretty stoked
about. The food here isn't too bad but i miss outside food. then we got on the plane
flew to NY and arrived at 6:00 Am. got a ride to the church office building which is
also the temple! oh and we gave a Book of Mormon to our driver. then we got breakfast
at a restaurant right next to the temple. best omelet i ever had! then we got to sleep
on the floor from 8-10. haha. then we went to the angolan consolate. got finger printed
and turned our stuff in. then drove back to the airport. we got the airport at 1. and our flight
wasn't til 3. but it got delayed til almost 8! but we kept hearing "last call for flight to Salt Lake"
but it wasn't our flight. at least we didn't think so. so we ran across the airport which is Massive
and made it to the gate before the plane left. the men working there said "oh elders are you on
this flight or the later one" so we were relieved that there was a later one. and told them. then
they said they could get us on that flight. which we were stoked about. so we got on that and flew
home. we got home at about 8. which meant we were in time for CAFE RIO!!!!!!!! best meal ever.
so that was awesome. and as we were standing in line some ladies started talking to us and asked
us where we were going and all that and bought our dinner! then we drove back to the mtc on the
express shuttle but we had to drop another lady off and the car got stuck in her driveway because
it was so icy. so we got out in our suits and were going to push it haha but the driver wouldn't let
us so we got some chains from off the top of his car and put them on the tires. and were able
to get out. we got back to the MTC at about 11:30 pm. we were exhausted!!!!!!!!
     It was kind of depressing flying back to Salt Lake but not flying "home". but at the same time,
I was sooooo glad to get back to the MTC! back to my bed, back to some people that i know. I
love Utah soooo much. so yeah, that was the main point of this week.
     Being district leader is pretty cool. I get to get the mail from the post office. i have to go to
leadership meetings on Sunday with the branch presidency and the other district leaders. and
just things like that. the branch presidency tells me things and i tell my district. and then we talk
about how our zone is doing. if anyone has any problems. Cool Story: one elder had some bad
symptoms so they took him to the hospital and found a tumor that they thought was cancer. so they
had him come back and run some tests on it. our branch presidency called a surprise meeting one
night and we had a group prayer for this elder and any other elders in our branch that were sick or
needed help. later that week he got the test results and the tumor was gone!!! pretty amazing
miracle. the Lord does watch over and bless his missionaries.
     I love you guys so much!!!! i pray for you every day! i miss you all. but I'm glad I'm here. Every
day comes eventually and i just take it one day at a time. love you!!! Adeus!!!

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