Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years!

Oi Familia!! Happy new years!!!
     Hope it was good! we didn't really do anything for new years. They don´t really celebrate it in the MTC.
some kids had those little poppers and hats and stuff but that was about it. we went to bed at 10:30 just
like every other day. but I didn't get to tell you about all my Christmas stuff! we had Elder Russel M. Nelson
come and talk to us. he did alright. But the highlight of the day was the fireside. We had Greg Olsen come
talk to us. He's the guy that painted the painting i have in my room of Jesus and the little boy. He did a way
good job. He talked about some of his paintings in depth and that was one of them! then later that night, we
got to watch a movie called "its a wonderful life" it was pretty good!
     Today is our first real p-day. last week it was on Christmas so we didn't have much of a p-day. But today
was awesome! we went to breakfast at 7:30 like always and then went back to our room and took a nap from
9 to 11:30. it was soooooooo nice!!!!! i miss naps so much. i swear I'm always tired here. Sundays and p-days
are my two favorite days. Sundays are awesome cause they're pretty relaxed and we have huge devotionals
where all the missionaries in the MTC go to one room and listen to a speaker. and then we watch a Conference
talk or a church movie later that night. i love it. this past Sunday we had susan black-easton and her husband,
Gordon Durrant come talk to us. Gordon Durrant's talk was hilarious.
     So some pretty big news in the MTC... EVERYONE is sick!!! like deathly ill. there's a stomach flu going around
and everyone is getting it. we woke up a couple days ago and walked out in the hall to go shower and there were
four elders with their mattresses in the middle of the hall asleep. they were the first ones to get sick. and they ended
up getting quarantined for a couple days!! some other missionaries even had to go to the hospital. I started taking
Amoxicillin cause i don't wanna get sick. And they just announced that for the time being, we aren't going to have
the big devotionals with all the missionaries, but instead we'll go to our classrooms and they'll broadcast it there.
so that's kinda a bummer but oh well.
     Tomorrow I've been here 2 weeks! doesn't seem like that long but it is. I heard something that is so true....
"The Days are long, the weeks are short, and the months fly by." I don't know about the months yet, but the weeks
do fly by, even though the days seem like they're forever. Time is weird in the MTC.
     Love the pics!!! the one of us in our Christmas shirts was awesome. and the one of you guys with your knives
and guns was hilarious. Thanks for all the letters and everything. they make my day! hope you guys are all doing
well. you're in my prayers everyday. I love you guys SOOOOOOO SOOOOOO much. let me know how y'all are
doing. love Elder Money.

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