Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sup Peeps!!!

Hey y'all!!!
so lets see what went on this week... for the most part its the same. eat sleep study every day.
but one thing that was a little different this week was that our zone leaders and their district left
the MTC for the field! it was kinda sad. I'm super stoked for them but I'm gonna miss them. Its
crazy how close you grow in such a short amount of time. I loved them. But its cool to see them
leave for the MTC. On a happier note, my friends from Waterford, Parker and Jacob both came in
this past Wednesday and I've seen them quite a bit. This morning we did a session at the temple
and they were in our session so that was cool. I learn something new every time I go to the temple.
also, i saw Tim Glenn. He went to C-wood, and was a senior when i was a sophomore. he just got
back from his mission and now he teaches here. so that was cool to see him!!

funny story: so every week we have to prepare a talk for sacrament, IN PORTUGUESE!!! The
branch presidency gives us a topic to talk about and that way when we enter the mission field,
we'll have about 8 or 9 little talks that we can give. then come sacrament meeting, the branch
presidency calls on one elder and one sister to give their talk. so as i said before, this last Sunday
was our Zone leader's district last Sunday. so Saturday night we were all like oh crap we need to
write our talk but we decided that they would probably be one of the ones get called to talk so none
of us prepared a talk. this weeks topic was about the Book of Mormon. and no one in our district has
had to give a talk in sacrament yet. so we show up to Sacrament
and sit in the back row. then our branch president comes up to us and has us move up the front row.
so we're all waiting to hear who's getting called to speak and you can probably guess where the story's
headed by now. the branch president says "and following sacrament we'll hear from elder Money."
hahahahaha ohhhhh man. i didn't have anything prepared so i turned around and asked the elder behind
me for his Portuguese Book of Mormon and i talked about Mosiah 2:41. all in Portuguese. it went about
as good as it could've gone haha. thank heavens for my Spanish.
So i go to New York on January 23rd! I'm so stoked for that. to be able to get outside of the MTC and
eat some real food haha. So that means i am for sure going to ANGOLA. so that's cool to finally know.
and yeah that's about it.
I loved your guys's letters! and i LOVED the photo book! thanks so much!!! i look at it every night.
the pics crack me up! they're so funny! i almost forgot what you guys looked like;) jk but i really
do love the book it is awesome!!! Thanks for the Flag and the coat. I've worn it like every day.
its freezing here. and it'll be super nice for New york. love you guys! keep in touch! tchau!

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