Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hey Peeps!

Hey everyone!
I've got a ton to write so I'm just going to jump into it!
Every Tuesday is our p-day. but at 7 every Tuesday night, we have a devotional.
This last week, we got a new MTC presidency. President Brown left and now its
President Hally, i think haha. But last Tuesday was the day that they switched
the presidency. So Elder Jeffrey R. Holland was the speaker of the Tuesday
devotional!!! He gave an amazing talk! He talked about how important it is that
we convert ourselves on our mission. He said "If you serve a mission, then come
home and get a tattoo or braid your hair, don't meet me in a dark alley" hahahaha.
his point was, that no missionary, if they truly serve a mission, should come home
and go inactive. How can you preach to people with all your heart of how important
the gospel is and then turn around and go inactive. He then talked about how the
2nd coming has already started. It started when the church was restored and is a
work in progress. don't think that you'll repent when the 2nd coming is almost here,
because it is almost here. it's already started. Then he gave a dedicatory prayer
for three remodeled buildings at the MTC. it was an amazing talk. And i heard they
talked about it in the church news. it was on the 15th. you should go look at it!
Everything else has been pretty much the same, except for this past Sunday....
We go to Sacrament and we sit down. and Brother Brough, a member of our
presidency, came up to me and my companion and asked if he could talk to us.
"oh great! what did we do this time" he takes us out into the hall and says thanks
for our service but that we were being released as portal masters... I was super
bummed and so we walk back in and sit down. We had only been portal masters
for two weeks! then Brother bartholomew comes up to us and makes a joke about
how I'm always late hahaha. i love bro bartholomew, he's hilarious. then bro. brough
comes up to me again and says president hodges wants to talk to me out in the hall.
So now I'm thinking "oh great! what did i do this time?!" so i go out into the hall, and
he tells me that Elder Lamkin is being released as District Leader and he was wondering
if I would be the new District Leader. I smiled and said of course! so I'm the new DL!!!
so that's pretty cool! and that's about it!
I'm working on writing you all back:) we don't get much free time! and we're suppose to
read the entire BOM while we're here in the MTC. i mark up my scripts a ton so it takes
me forever! but I'm working on it. these pics are from my companions camera... i fell asleep
in class haha and the other one is from a while ago. but i really like the pic!
 i love you guys! thanks for all your support! miss you
guys so much!! i pray for you every night!! love you:) tchau!

I almost forgot!!!!!!! Huge Shoutout to:
@max_metcalf25 (max Metcalf)
@AllSportHanker (Hunter Hanks)
@LurpyNoodle81 (Cory Pinegar)
@KarateMaster (Jake Ostler)

All of your guys' calls are awesome!!! I am So stoked for
all of you! And I'm so glad you made the decision to serve
a mission!!! Its super hard but you'll love it at the same time.
Make sure you're ready! prepare yourself now! You guys are
going to make great missionaries, i wish we were all going
out at the same time. but you guys will love it! Love you All!

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