Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hey y'all:)

Hey everyone!
     So not a lot has happened this week... so this letter won't be very long!
One of the elders in our district, Elder Cummings, started having stomach
pains. He said he thinks he might have appendicitis, which was kind of
random. then our teacher told him he thought that he should go to the
hospital. so he did. and it turns out that he did have appendicitis! and had
he waited two days, it would have ruptured. So that was a blessing that
he got there in time. Always obey the promptings of the Spirit.
     I jammed my finger playing basketball :( some guys get all the luck ;)
We got a new elder this past week. His name is Elder Merkley. He came to
the MTC about 9 months ago and went home after a week. But now he's back
out and in our district. He's going to Angola. so He'll be leaving on the 25th
with me and Elder Fontaine.
     Lets see what else.... Some elders from our zone leave today which is
sad. I love those guys. they're going to serve in Demoines, Iowa until they
get their visas. then to Brasil.
     We kinda got in trouble this week for pranks haha. Me and Elder Nelson
put an alarm clock in some elders' room in the vent! haha we set the alarm
for 2 am. then we put another one in the next night in their closet and set the
alarm for 2 am. the next night, we were in our residence, and i was in another
room and i walk out into the hall and it stinks wayyyyy bad!!!! i go walking into
my room and it is even worse!! its coming from our room!!! they put a stink
bomb in our room hahaha. it stunk but only for that night. either that, or I'm use
to it by now. but our zone leaders got mad at us but we didn't mind too much
haha we thought it was funny.
     Me and some other elders have started a new club at the MTC... to be in it,
you have to have crocs. so far there's two of us:) Me and Elder Shumway. he's
in my district so that's who the pic is of.
Love you guys! I miss you! keep emailing and writing me! :) Adeus!

I forgot a couple of things:) haha
one is that sisters are taking over the MTC!!! they
are everywhere!! Its ridiculous. and we're only
getting more. Tomorrow we get to be hosts for
the new missionaries. Last week we had 700 come.
This week 1500!!!! its insane!!! and more and more
of them are sisters! I'm glad there aren't any sisters
in Angola.... Just a distraction haha
second is that I've gained 13 lbs!!! hahaha I guess
I'm stalking up for the MotherLand. And that's about
it:) love you guys!

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