Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week 3

Oi familia!
How's everybody doing? Hope its all going good! Anything new going on? Things here are
pretty much the same. Every day we do the same thing. its wake up, study, eat, study,
eat, study, eat, study go to bed. and do it all over again. Sundays and Tuesdays are my
favorite days because theres some variety in them. Today we get to go to the temple and
do a session. So that'll be cool. Let's see... what else is new. I didn't get the stomach flu
that's been going around so that's good! I think we start our malaria pills this Wednesday.
we have a meeting with the Health Clinic. So things are going pretty good.
Time here is so weird. The days are so long, but they all blend together. The weeks go by
pretty fast. There's not a whole lot new that's gone on. My Portuguese is coming along
pretty good. My Spanish helps a ton. Remember how in school I would get super bored
when I learned something really quick and we were still going over it? I haven't had that
feeling in a while but that's how I feel when we study Portuguese. But It's a blessing. I'd
rather have it be easy and be bored than have it be hard. Its super hard for some kids.
Oh one new thing that happened this week, Me and my companion, Elder Nelson got a
branch call. We're the "online portal masters". hahaha. So all we do is teach the new kids
that come in how to work the computers. But its cool cause we get to go to all the leader-
ship meetings with the zone and district leaders. That's about all that's new and going on.
I hope everythings good at home. I love you all. miss you guys. let me know how you're
doing. love you guys!

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