Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Hey Family!!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! hope its a good one and you're not having too much fun without me ;)
whats up?! i emailed this to the only emails that i knew off the top of my head so forward it to the rest of the family please:)
First of all, thank you for all the packages and letters. They always make my day! I think I'm in the lead for our
district with the most packages. i think I'm up to 5 or 6!!! Keep the letters coming! i love reading them. we only get a half hour
to email each week so I'll have to hand-write you guys individually. I'm working on your letters:)
      My companion is pretty cool. His name is Elder Nelson. He's from Morgan, Utah. We get along great. he's pretty quiet,
until you bring up movies, superheroes, or girls. then he comes to life haha. so that's what we mostly talk about. Elder Cummings,
and Elder Fontaine are the other Elders in our room. they're pretty cool. we get along good. I love Elder Fontaine. he gets so
into superheroes and knows everything there is to know about them. he's obsessed with spiderman. My companion, Elder
Nelson is obsessed with batman so they're constantly debating about who's better haha. Our district is awesome. there are 12
elders total, no sisters, which kinda sucks but is good at the same time :) the elders in our district are going to Brazil, Portugal,
Mozambique/Angola, and cape verde. we all speak Portuguese, but Brazilian Portuguese is different than continental Portuguese
which is what I'm speaking.
      AHHHH i have so much to tell you guys but so little time.... the first couple of days were super hard, at least harder than
I thought they would be. I thought what am i doing here. but Sunday was my saving grace. Sunday we went to church. oh and before i forget we had a district meeting with our branch president, President Hodges, he's super strict
but i learned to love him. the first meeting we showed up at 6:15 when we were suppose to bus somehow it got changed to 6:00.
so we were late and he lectured us about it. then we had another district meeting which he talked about the stripling warriors.
he asked me like five questions that i didn't know the answer to. and just kept at it. haha. i just laughed. i even answered a
super easy question wrong that i didn't know the answer, haha. but he's a great guy. but back to
Sunday. it was our first day that we had some freedom as to what we got to do. We did our temple walk which was way fun. i saw
Tanner chambers and got a pic with him. he went to C-wood and on our senior trip. I'm starting to get the hang of things. i wouldn't
say i 'love' it here, but i do like it. its fun. it kinda reminds me of Hogwarts haha.
      I have a lot more to tell you all but i only have 10 minutes left and i wanna upload some pics. today is Christmas. and we had
our devotional. Elder Russell M. Nelson came and talked to us. he said that all the rumors about the weird mission calls are absolutely
false. haha. so that takes care of that. he then talked about being converted and doing the lords work.
     so a cool/weird story: From the first day i got here, and still going on. I've seen people that i swear i have seen before. they look so
familiar and act so familiar. i would've bet anything I've met them before. I've felt this one other time... that was when we went to Minnesota
and i hung out with that kid who lived across from the Clawson's. when i met him, i had the same feeling. i still remember that even though
it was about 10+ years ago! the same exact feeling. turns out, that same kid that i met in Minnesota is going to my same mission, and
is already there!! crazy stuff, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.
     I met some other elders who are going to Angola. they told me that they were sure i was going to Angola cause they had the same
thing happen to them... so looks like I'm going to Angola. i leave February 25th.the sleeping and waking up actually isnt that hard. haha
      I love you guys soooo soooo much. i pray for you every day.  keep the letters coming.
mom-  could you send me a pocket knife like a leatherman. i think i have enough candy to last me for 2 years haha.
love you guys soooo much. i miss you a ton. but i know I'm where I'm suppose to be.... talk to ya soon!

Oh i almost forgot!!! i did laundry yesterday on Christmas eve for the first time haha
my garments might have shrunk... i haven't tried them on yet. and i wore my
pink bunny pjs for the first time yesterday. haha everyone loved them and it gave
all the elders a good laugh. keep the letters coming. I've got enough candy haha.
love you all soooo much!!!! i keep praying for you guys. i miss you and I'll see you
in less than two :)

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