Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Week in Lubango

Hey peeps,
Nothing too special this week. same old same old. Its rained a lot and doesn't look like its gonna stop. But i love the rain so its all good. We have a baptism this Saturday and one planned for later this month. Other than that, nothing really new. So i thought Id share with you guys something that my mission president taught me last time he was down here in Lubango.
He started off by telling us to think of who he was talking about.
This person left Jerusalem with their family
returned in search of the brass plates.
saw an angel.
lived in the wilderness

reached the great waters and built a ship.

and came to the promised land.
Who is it.....
Its Laman. I thought it was nNphi. and Nephi did these things too, but so did Laman. But we know that Laman was a bad person. so what was the difference..... What it came down to was their attitudes. Nephi did all those things with a "I will go and do" attitude, whereas Laman on the other hand did all those things with a "Because I have to" attitude. Its true what they say that "attitude determines altitude". Doing whats right for the wrong reasons doesn't cut it. We have to do it cause we want to. And when we have a positive attitude, our altitude will be a lot higher.
Have a positive attitude and NEVER complain. I love and miss you all.
Elder Money

Following pictures are from Elder Tingeys blog

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