Monday, February 17, 2014

Pode Ninja

Hey yall,
so another week. Nothing too special. my comp and I have gotten the okay to get bikes!!! we're way stoked!! we just have to wait for the money to get here..... This last week we ran out of money so we were cooking everything we could with flour and sugar and milk cause thats all we had in the house, but it actually turned out pretty good. we made biscuits and gravy!

This week we had some good lessons. Something kinda funny that happened, We were teaching a lesson to a recent convert named Leonel and we were talking about faith. He asked that if we have faith, why cant we float in the air. I told him that if we had enough faith, we could. And he asked why we dont have enough faith to float, so i told him i did, and asked him if he wanted to see. so i stood up, and did a magic trick that i learned back home, where it makes it look like youre floating about an inch off of the ground, when in reality youre just lifting up your heels, but because of the angle, it looks like youre floating.... Well he was pretty amazed haha. He started calling me a Pode Ninja. He came to church yesterday and was asking me to teach him how i did it. and said that he had been up all night trying to figure out how to do it haha. I just keep telling him to read his scriptures and pray, and maybe he'll be able to do it one day :)

Things are going good. I love and miss you all. Youre in my prayers.

Elder Money

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