Monday, May 5, 2014

Another fast Sunday

Oi familia,

Things are going good in Luanda. Its really hot and it rains a lot. but its all good. Thanks for the emails. Those are always nice to read, and i am sooo happy that you all are doing well and in good hands. Ive been thinking about you all a lot this past week.

Another fast Sunday. Ive come to really love fast Sundays. Ive come to really love the church. I finally found enough time to watch General Conference. I thought there were some really good talks. I really liked Hollands that talks about being a disciple of Christ. There's a common belief here that if we have faith, if we believe in Christ, we'll be saved. THAT DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!!!!! I cant stand it when people say that. And i always thought to myself how is it that people can really think that ''church is in the heart''. I really liked how Elder Holland explained man creating God in his own image. We were talking about some of the churches here and they're more like a social get together than a church. And people love them. People don't want a god that demands a lot. They want a ''comfortable'' one. One that will let them do whatever they want. Ive come to realize that it isn't about what we want. Its about what God wants. And what he wants, we have to do. 3 hours of church on Sunday, 10 percent, fulfilling a calling, serving a two year mission, it may all seem like a lot but is it really? The more we come to accept Gods hand in our life, the more we will be not only willing, but desire to give back all that we can. And when we reach that point is when our lives will be truly blessed. Our God is not a passive God. He demands a lot of us. I remember a picture that Ashley had in her room that had a picture of Christ that said ''I never said it would be easy, I said that it will be worth it.'' Sometimes we don't want to go to church on Sunday. Sometimes we don't want to do this or that. There are laws that we have to obey if we want to live with our families forever in the Kingdom of God, and those laws cannot be obeyed by sitting on our couch watching TV. 

Sometimes the mish can be frustrating :) haha. But its teaching me patience. I love you all. I love this church. I Love good, faithful members.

Elder Money

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