Monday, May 19, 2014

May 18

Sounds like an exciting week. Sorry we didn't write earlier. we had mission conference on Monday and yesterday the Internet was down. we found a new cyber where the Internet works but its pretty ghetto. theres a ton of cockroaches running all over my keyboard haha. Wish i could have been there for jess's farewell, oh well. Ill be there for her homecoming. I had to give a talk in church on Sunday. not one of my better talks. the branch president came up to me on Saturday and asked me to give it. i talked about the culture of the gospel and the culture of Angola..... Things are going good though. we had a good week, a busy week.

Mission conference was good. Elder Renlund is a very nice sincere man. He taught us a lot of good things. The church has all the missionaries take a survey before and then the General Authorities talk about what was on the survey. the main thing they talked about was recognizing the Spirit. oh, we also had a leadership meeting where we talked about the survey. one missionary put that he felt like he never feels the spirit..... So kinda interesting.... I dont know who it is though. Poor kid. They also talked a lot about studying and learning the language. Nothing too special. they did a good job though. he told some cool and some funny stories. President Merrill is awesome. I believe that a huge reason why i was called here, was so that he could be my mission pres. Ive learned so much from him. He is so loving and so humble. I really enjoyed his talk and testimony. And then on p'day yesterday we played soccer with all the missionaries. that was fun. we got transfers. I'm staying in my area with the same comp. which I'm happy about. 

I've been thinking about home a lot lately... trunky! haha. so I'm trying not to think about home as much. Things here are going good though. The work is kinda slowing we gotta keep working on that. maybe its cause I'm living with elder brown who goes home next week! haha. but yeah. trying to stay focused.

I love you mom.Thanks for all you do. 
your little boy

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