Monday, May 26, 2014

Coca Cola

Hey Guys!

Things going good here in Luanda. Just sweating like crazy! Shout out to Elders Brown, Cafferty, Clifford, Hyde, and Stewart who go home this week. 

This was a pretty good week. Nothing new really. Cool story: Coca Cola is doing a give away thing where you enter in a code on the back of coca cola cans and win prizes. This game is perfect for the missionaries who walk the streets all day long, buying coke and finding them on the sidewalk haha. I won a t shirt. Some other Elders won a 42 inch flat screen LG TV!! They ended up giving it to a member in our branch named Cordencio. Hes an amazing member. He always walks with the missionaries and has one of the strongest testimonies i know. The Lord works in mysterious ways i guess! :) But he does bless those who serve him.

Things are going good. I love and miss you all. Thanks for all the support. Keep in touch. Love you!!

Elder Money

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