Monday, September 2, 2013

Hey everyone

Hey everyone,
So another week, we had a baptism this past week and things are going pretty good. I heard BYU lost, but oh well, that just means they'll win more, when I get back :)
Things are going good, Elder Stewart and I are trying to manage two areas, because the other Elders are still waiting on their visas. So we have to take care of their area and our area. But things are going good. I love the people here! They're way nice. We have a family that we teach, and every time we leave their house, they give us some food to take home, its usually left overs from their dinner, but shes a way good cook, so we heat it up and eat it for our dinner :) And we have a recent convert who Loves learning about the Gospel, its awesome! hes been baptized for probably 3 months and he might already know more about the Gospel than I do haha. But hes even an example to me.

One thing I've been noticing lately, is how hard life is here. Its amazing to me to see some of the trials that people here have to deal with. No electricity, no clean water, little food. Living in cement houses. Working all day for hardly anything. They are a super humble people. Life in the states would be like heaven for them. I cant tell you how many times people have come up to us and asked us how they can get into the US. They deal with sooo many challenges, but at the same time, these challenges are good. Because of these challenges, the people are humble and selfless. And those are two things Ive been striving to work on. I believe that the problem with ALL evilness is selfishness. People who do drugs, are only thinking of themselves, People who steal, kill, etc, it all starts with selfishness. I started reading a book, that my mom sent to me, called Act in Doctrine, By Elder Bednar. And it talks about one of the distinguishing traits between The Savior, and any other human being, is that when the normal human being would turn inward, the Savior turns outward. We have Christ as our example. We know that he is the way. We can choose to follow his example or not to follow it. But i know, that when we follow the Example of the Savior, and look outward, and think of others before ourselves, we are blessed in every aspect of our lives. The Lord will bless us, He will bless our families. We will be happier. And we will Make our Heavenly Father happy. so with that said, Stop thinking of yourself, And be grateful for all the blessings you've been given, and use those blessings, and your life, to bless others.
I love you all!!! Thank you all for the support and birthday wishes.
Elder $

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