Monday, September 30, 2013

Fan the flame of your Faith

Hey everyone
Happy birthday to Charlie Rae!! :)
This last week was a little crazy. I was studying, Elder Stewart was taking a shower, Elder Hobbs was doing dishes, and Elder Chandler comes running in and tells me that our pump is on fire!! so we go running into the back room where our water pump is, and smoke is coming out of it! So we hurry and shut it off. Needless to say, it broke. So we called a guy to come fix it. And he must have gotten lost, cause it took him 4 days to get there. haha. So we were without water for a couple days. But now its all good!
Elder Stewart and I have close to no investigators! so we've been doing a lot of finding. And a lot of door contacting. We got home the other day at about 7 o clock for dinner. and Elder Hobbs needed to go buy some Toilet Paper so I went with him to go buy some, and this kid about 20 years old told us to pray for him cause he had problems with drinking. so we talked to him for a bit, he showed us where he lives. and then we went and bought the TP. We went back to the house, then Elder Stewart and I left to go do some more contacting. We ended up at This kids house again and taught him and his family about the Word of Wisdom. by this time we only had about 30 minutes left. so we decided to go knock one more building. and as we got to the second to last door, a girl answered and we told her who we were and what we were doing and she said she was Muslim but she told us to talk to her brother. So he came to the door, he invited us in and we sat and talked to him about the Book of Mormon. He's really cool. His name is Neves. So moral of the story... The Lord blesses you when you're obedient.
This week I was reading the talk from Elder Holland, called Lord, I believe. Its a great talk. one of my favorites! i would recommend reading it, even though you've probably heard it already. I was also reading a book by Elder Bednar, and both talk about our testimonies. Elder Holland talks about how we will have doubts. and that's OK. But we should address those doubts in belief, rather than unbelief. and that we should always hang on to testimony that we have already gained. Elder Bednar talks about how we may have doubts and there will be little things that wont always make sense to us. But he talks about how we cannot deny the church today. We cant deny all the scripture, all the people, all the testimonies that have come from a man with close to no education, who didn't even live to be 40 years old. The point is that yes we will have doubts, No we don't understand everything, but we cant let go of testimony that we have once received and we cant deny all the people who have testified of this 'Marvelous work and Glory'. I am grateful for the Church in my life. I have seen it change lives for the better. There is not a person on the face of the Earth that would not benefit from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and being a member of His church. I love Him, and I love His Church.
I love you all!
Elder Money

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