Monday, September 23, 2013

District Conference

Hey everyone,
So tough loss. But I'd still rather be a Y fan :)

This week was pretty normal. Elder Stewart and I have 1 investigator. And he's getting baptized this Saturday, so after this Saturday we'll have 0. So we've been knocking a ton of doors. Its pretty funny to see people's reactions when two white guys show up at their door in shirt and ties. But other than that, nothing new.

We had District Conference this week. almost 700 people showed up! it was a big turn out. and that doesn't include the members from the provinces. The talks were good. President Merrill is able to use his Portuguese from his mission to talk. Sister Merrill has a missionary translate for her and then bears her testimony in Portuguese. They both gave great talks. I really Liked Sister Merrills, but I thought I'd share something interesting that President Merrill talked about. I read about this story in a book by Elder Bednar. He talks about how their was a man who found a pearl. And it was the most beautiful pearl he had ever seen. So he wanted to show it off to the world. So he paid a man to make a nice blue velvet box that was all decorated so he could show off his pearl to everyone. but to his disappointment he found out that people were no longer coming to see the pearl but to look at the box. Then the comparison was made that often times we focus on the Jewelry box, rather than the pearl of great price. For example Churches are a jewelry box. its the meetings and Spirit inside of them that is the Pearl. He then challenged us to focus on the pearls of great price. rather than the Jewelry boxes.

I love you all and miss you :) keep in touch.

Elder Money


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