Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!!!

Hope it was a great one!! Wish I was in St Geezy with you guys, but Angola´s not too bad haha. So one transfer done already!!! pretty crazy. Time flies! I didn't get transferred which isn't surprising. Me and Elder Hobbs are still companions. still in Luanda II C. Good news though, hopefully within the month will be moving into A place called Cajueiro. Its super nice! never faults energy or water. and no cockroaches haha. But our place right now isn't that bad.

We have a lot of investigators, but everyone here loves to hear the Word of God, but not everyone likes to practice it... So a lot of times our investigators don't come to church, or don't read The Book of Mormon or things like that. so we have to work on filtering out who really wants to know the Word of God and who just wants to Hear it. Saturday, we were on a split, I was with Elder Hannay. And we had taught two lessons but our other 6 dropped. or they wouldn't answer their phone. it was about 6 o clock and we had nothing to do so we decided to go to a different area, and we start walking around and we get a call from a random number and its a man named Antonio that says he wants to see us. so i asked him where he lived and it turns out that he lived right by where we had just travelled to. We met up with him and taught him about the Plan of Salvation. He told us that he had a dream that two men came to his house and taught him The Word of God... Angolans and their dreams.... He went to church with us yesterday and had a lot of questions about The Book of Mormon so i explained it to him and as he was leaving i told him i´d call him to set up another appointment and he says oh yes, this is where I'm suppose to be! so pretty cool. were doing good and finding a lot of people. I love it!!!!!!!!

It was weird to think that yesterday was Easter. It didn't seem like it. I had rice and mash potatoes for my Easter lunch haha... kinda like egg rolls on Thanksgiving ;) But it was good we kinda just relaxed at home, we studied and it was a super nice peaceful day. I read a really good talk from President Monson in the April Ensign of 2008. It talks about three things that will help us in our lives:
1. Learn from the Past
2. Prepare for the Future
3. Live for Today
This was a huge help to me, because I've been thinking about what I'm going to do when i get home, school, and work, and getting married hahahahahaa JUST KIDDING!!! but yeah I've been thinking about what I'm going to do after my mission and it was a talk that really helped me to focus on now rather than what ill do when i get home.

Anyways, I love You all!!! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!!!

Elder Money

Ok so you had a lot of questions haha. ill try and answer them all. Me and my companion get a long. Were different, but we don't have any problems so that's good. The other three Elders in our house we are with all the time, in the morning, at night, sometimes at lunch appointments together so we see them a lot. they're way cool. I see President and Sister Thompson probably about once or twice a week. The language is pretty easy. its super similar to Spanish so all that studying helped a lot. And most people speak Portuguese. a lot of people will start talking to us in french hahaha. No one ever guesses that were from America, they think china, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, England, some others, but never America. Yeah we have quite a few people were teaching. that family that fed me the funge still needs to get married, but were hoping they get baptized on the 20th.

Max goes into the MTC this Wednesday right?? that's crazy!!!!!!!! I'm glad Ive already been out for as long as i have. Like you said, we can start counting down the days.

I talked to Elder Davis yesterday! sooo crazy hes going to be at our house in a week!!!! i was telling him to go check out my room for me haha. Hes an awesome kid! i wish i couldve known him better. he played lax for Brighton.

I'm doing great. I swear its hotter than 82. it feels like 100.  Me and My companion are both staying in the same house. but were moving pretty soon into a super nice place. so thatll be cool. I haven't gotten any of your letters yet. from what i hear, letters take about 3 weeks. packages take about 2 months!!!! but yeah I'm doing great. I love it!! i usually eat cereal, eggs and bread, and we have one of those panini maker things so i always have a grilled cheese!! and coke every day haha.

P.s. You know how i gained 13 lbs in the MTC... Well we went to President Thompsons house this past week for a Zone Conference and he has a scale, so i weighed myself and I've lost it all!!! I'm back to a healthy 155 haha. Hopefully i stay there:) 

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