Monday, March 25, 2013

1 Month

Shout out to Ryan and Ely for getting their calls! that's awesome... that's just about all of the Spartans that have their calls now!! crazy stuff. and shout out to max for mentioning me in his farewell talk haha. following in my footsteps like always.... ;) love you all.

So this week was like the rest of our weeks, super hot, weird food, teaching lessons. We lost energy a couple times this past week. which just makes me even more grateful for the times when we do have it. But not a lot of new things have happened. today was different, we went to a place called the pra├ža where you bargain to buy paintings and wood carvings, kinda like the ones Reed has hahaha. but i bought a painting of some elephants and a imbondeiro tree. i think that's how its spelled. but they're pretty common here in Africa. so that was fun. after this well go shopping and back home and relax a bit. I love P days.
So i figured this week, id talk about some of the people here and what I've learned so far. First of all, The BW Family. They're all sisters all about 40 years old and they always feed us. theres 4 of them. so thats nice. this week, one of them, named B fed us a french fried chicken casserole haha. sounds kinda gross but it was pretty good. I make sure i drink a coke a day to kill any bugs in my stomach haha. but they're awesome. they love the missionaries so its nice. Second, I don't know if its just Angolans, or Africans in general, but they have dreams... Like crazy vivid dreams. Like one of our investigators said that he wakes up at 2 am and 4 am every night with the same dream. he has a pain in his chest and its not until he holds the bible against his heart that it goes away. Another of our investigators said that he sees evil spirits in his dreams and so he has to pray to send them away. He also asks us some pretty funny questions like if wearing an all black tie is a sin, and when we talked about priesthood authority and told him his baptism wasn't valid, he said that he thought so because it was done in a pool and not a ocean or river hahaha..... were gonna have to talk about that one. but he committed to baptism on the 20th of April which is pretty cool. we have two other families who are almost ready to get baptized, they just need to get married. But yeah, crazy dreams. For the most part, Angolans like the white people. There are a ton of Chinese people here. like a ton... Supposedly they're criminals from china who get sent here to work and live out their jail time working.... but they're really nice. even though they don't speak any Portuguese.
So what I've learned so far... One thing I've really been working on is courage. courage to stand up for what you believe in. A lot of times i just want to let things go and not worry about it, but as a missionary I've learned that i need to be more courageous. Like telling people to stop swearing, or to change the song if it swears a lot. or things like that. even though they're little, sometimes i just want to let them go so I'm working on that. Second is patience....... I hate patience so much. Its the most annoying thing every. but the only time Angolans are in a hurry is when they're driving. other than that, they take their time. cooking, talking, everything... i still haven't learned patience but I'm in the process.
Things are going good. i love it here. Some days are hard. but they're always worth it. I try not to think of home too much. I love and miss you guys! I pray for you every night. LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Fica Bem.

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