Monday, April 8, 2013

General Conference weekend

Hey Everyone!
Hope general conference was good! we got to watch Priesthood session
with all the other Elders, so that was cool. But other than that, most
things were the same this week. Heat, sweat, Gospel haha. But Saturday
it rained a ton!!!! Africa rain... And no one wants to be seen when it
rains so we put on some street clothes and went out and helped people
bucket water out of their houses. I caught a lizard too haha. but we
went to this place right behind our apartment thats called the
shoppas. its just houses made out of basically stuff the people can
find in the dump. but they're use to the rain by now so they didn't need
much help. but there was a huge river at the bottom of the hill. a
truck went through it and started to turn because of the power of the
current but somehow managed to get out. There were semi trucks
waiting, because they didn't want to go through it. that's how powerful
it was. There were these two Angolans there who were drunk telling
people not to go through it haha. they'd walk in it and then slip and
the current would take them down about 20 ft then they'd walk back up,
it was so funny. but other than that everything was the same.
We have two investigators getting baptized on the 20th and more to come!!!
love you guys!!!!! thanks for the support!!!
Elder Money


Sounds like it was a blast! It was crazy to think that Elder Davis
would be in my room haha. I told him that and told him some good music
and movies to see. Hes an awesome kid. We always laugh that all our moms are
hanging out, but its good. the Elders here are awesome. We all got to
watch priesthood session together in English. but the other 4 sessions
will be in Portuguese :/ so well see how that goes.

I'm taking the elders to KFC today, so if you see a big charge haha its
for that. The family is doing great they come to church, but they
still need to get married. were hoping they get baptized by the 4th of
next month. Jessie Sullivan emailed me and told me shes getting
baptized on the 20th!!!!! You should go!!!!! that's awesome!!!!!!!!!

I also got like 5 letters this past week. two from reed! tell him
thanks! i got one from Kaitlyn Williams and one from Trent Kaufman and
one from the bishop!

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