Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 2 of the MotherLand

Ola Familia e Amigos!!
     So week 2 here in Angola. Its still hotter than ever! but i haven't had
any funge since my first time so that's good. things are going great. we
spend a lot of time walking and a lot of time in taxis. the taxis here are
crazy. they pile as many people in as they can. they are these blue small
buses and so crowded. then they have big buses also. oh but something
way cool!!! they have motorcycles that will give you rides to places.
and we were headed to one area and the only way to get there was by
motorcycle so we got to ride on the back of one on this dirt road
hahahha it was way sketchy but way sick!!!!
    The main problem we run into here is that people are never legally
married, even though they have a wife and kids.
people love hearing about the ´word of God´ but they
always say they'll come to church and never show up and say that we can
meet with them at a certain time and then not be home haha.
     we had an emergency transfer and so one of the areas lost its two
missionaries and we picked up their area. so our area just doubled in
size. its massive!!! so we don't know how were going to manage but well
have to.
    Theres a family that were teaching, the same one i ate the funge
at, and they are awesome. they have one document left to get married
and then they'll most likely get baptized. so that's exciting. people
love to sit and talk to us, one because were ´men of God´and two
because were white haha. people will always come up to us and speak
English. or try to speak English. the people here are a lot more
Americanized than i thought. they love American music so its cool to
walk down the street and hear and American song haha.
     My food story for the week.... they have these things called
Angolan Hamburguers. they have a regular hamburger bun, with a fried
egg, potato chips, corn, lettuce, and sometimes tomatoes. they are
wayyyy good! i love them. but they're pretty expensive. everything here
is expensive! its ridiculous! except i bought a real Madrid jersey for
7 bucks so that was good. but food and anything in an actual store is
way expensive.
     My funny story for the week.... we were working in one area and I
always talk to the kids. they're my favorite. the kids are always
scared of you at first but you give them a thumbs up and then they
love you haha. so we did that to these two kids. and they started
following us. we were walking in a place called Simione and its mostly
dirt roads. the kids start following us and i turn around and yell and
scare the kid way bad haha. it scared him so bad that he fell down and
ran away hahahhaha but then i started laughing and he kinda laughed
and kept following us.
      funny story number two.... kids here love magic. so we started
doing some magic tricks to these three little boys. then pretty soon
it was 24 kids... i counted them. they had us cornered against a wall
asking for more magic. Elder Hobbs did the one trick where it looks
like your pulling your thumb off and it scared this one kid way bad
haha. we had some others, and then these adults came over and were
seeing what we were doing. they're way superstitious here so they
probably thought it was black magic. haha so Elder Hobbs had to show
them how he did so they didnºt think we were like evil or anything....
and then they're like oh no that's not magic (we were like yeah duh) and
then they left. but the kids still wanted more. so for our last trick
we told them all to close their eyes and that we were going to
disappear. Elder Hobbs turns to me and he goes you know what were
gonna do right? i go what, he goes run! and so we just take off
running down the street, they see us after about 3 seconds and then we
just hear them screaming and chasing after us, all 24 of them
hahahaha. but we got away so its all good!
     I love it here! the people are my favorite. I get a long with my
companion and all the other Elders here. I love them. I still struggle
with some of the food, mostly its just rice and beans so its descent.
the heat is bad but I'm getting used to it. I Miss you guys a ton!
thanks for all of your emails Ç= keep emailing me!! Love you all

i keep trying to send pics but the internet is too slow here so it doesn't work... next week well go to a different store and ill try to send some from there! love you! Ç


thanks for the Taco soup recipe, i might try to cook it haha. but as
always, a coupe things.....
   The Elders here love you! hahaha they love the taco seasoning and
the ipod, and bang!! hahaha they're so glad i brought it so they say
   my friends should all be getting their missionary emails. could
you have them either email me from them or give me their emails?
that's about it! i love it here!!! i miss you a ton. but I'm doing good.
I'm getting adjusted to everything, like the heat and the food. were
headed to a special store after this that has peanut butter haha I'm
stoked. i miss you and i love you soooo much. love your little boy,
Elder Money

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