Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First week in the Field!!

Hey everyone!! how´s it going?! I have a lot to tell you so i´m just gonna get started, and it might be all over the place.... so here we go:
     Angola: Its a lot like salt lake. Minus all the black people, add about 60 degrees, and add a ton of dirt, add a ton of people, add a beach, take away the mountains..... okay so its nothing like Salt Lake hahaha but i love it. It does kinda remind me of California. It is super hot. I don´t know how hot exactly, but with the humidity and everything, my clothes are soaked by the end of the day :\
     The food here is gonna take some getting use to... Whoever said we don´t eat at member´s houses LIED!!! I´ve already eaten at like three peoples houses. two of them was descent, i could eat it. but one, oh my gosh it was so bad. It was the worst food I have ever had. It´s called Funge. it looks like mashed potatoes but is nothing like it. It sticks together, you have to like cut it. and you could turn your plate upside down and it won´t fall off. It has no flavor but its the texture that's bad. We were teaching a lesson at this family´s house and they're super nice, and will hopefully get baptized. but they found out that i hadn´t had funge so they cook some for us. I grab just a little bit of it but then H, the dad of the house, Goes noo come mais come mais, and grabs a huge spoonful of it and put it on my plate. I about died. i sit down to eat it, and choked down about half of it but then i realized there´s no way i´m doing this. he was sitting there laughing and laughing. then he told me if i ate it with this spicy pepper sauce, that i wouldn't have to eat the rest. so i did. oh man that was the worst experience I've had so far haha. I do love the coke here, and the juice, its so good.
     Our area is actually pretty nice. Its an apartment building, we have a living room, a kitchen, 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms. Theres 6 of us. Me, Elder Hobbs, Elder Castleton and Elder Hannay, Elder Kearney and Elder Cafforty. We all get a long great! I love them all. My companion is awesome! he reminds me of Nick Smith hahaha :) #Steeze.... My companion hasn't caught on yet, but he will:) We sleep in the same room cause it has the best air conditioner. Its actually pretty nice! except we have a ton of cockroaches everywhere. kinda nasty. We have a tank of water, but we have to be careful of how much we use. We have running water, but our sink water goes through a filter so we can drink it and the rest, you cant drink. but our room is usually about 75 degrees, so not too bad!
     Right outside of our apartment is a thing called a shoppa. Its where the people basically live in a dump and use whatever they can find to build their houses. so we walk through there to get to our areas. Our area is a little bit nicer, they´re small cement buildings that the people live in, but other than that they´re the same as the shoppas. super poor. And it stinks haha. you´ll be walking and just get whiffs of garbage or sewage or b.o. its pretty bad. We get some pretty funny looks, one because of how we dress and two because we´re white.
     My favorite things: the coke and the little kids. They are the cutest funniest things ever. I always say Hi to them and to everyone I see. cause they just stare at us as we walk by, and once you say hello they smile and sometimes want to talk to you. We´ll be walking and the kids will always yell at us one of two things, either Amigo! Amigo! which means friend, or Blanco! Blanco! which means white hahaha. We always yell back Negro Negro! which means black hahahaha. Sooo funny. I was Laughing every time we said it the first couple of days. But i love talking to them and sometimes we play soccer for a minute or two as we walk by.
     So that's all the facts. Here's what i´ve learned so far: Angolans are super relaxed and super chill. You have to be kinda pushy with them. I´m pretty sure its almost impossible to offend them because they're so straight forward haha. Second, The heat sucks and so does the food. I miss Taco Bell soooo much. Theres not that many mosquitoes. but we still have to be careful. Angola is a lot more advanced than i thought. There are some buildings that are huge and super nice. like big apartment buildings. but they're also super expensive. I miss pools soooo much. its so hot and we sweat a ton. People here are funny. You have to be able to laugh at yourself with the people here. they have a very simple funny sense of humor. There are rich people who live in nice houses, have nice cars and nice clothes, just like America, but then there are those who are super super super poor. their priorities are messed up hahaha. they all dress like Chris Brown. The ones who have some money, spend it on their car. I have seen so many cars that aren't that nice, that have tinted windows, loud sound systems, and huge rims hahaha. its way funny. oh and they always wear a ton of jewelery. The people are really nice and well ´believe´ anything you say. they'll accept it. and tell you they're coming to church but never do. so you have to be pushy. I love them though.
     Its definitely different than America. I´ve seen a man carrying an AK-47 and an MP-40. and some other gun that i didn´t recognize. They jam pack the buses. there are pretty much no traffic laws as long as you're driving on the right side of the road. its insane. I've seen goats, chickens everywhere, lizards, and cats and dogs. Haha. it is so different. but i love it here.
     We played soccer this morning with some of the other Elders and then we have to go shopping and then well eat dinner at a members house. I love you all. Keep emailing me! i get an hour and a half of email every week so i wanna hear all about home. I love you guys and miss you!!! Tchau!

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