Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I have arrived!!!

Oi from the MotherLand!!!!
     How's everyone doing?! I finally arrived in Angola after two days of flying and layovers!! It's so nice to finally be here and be able to get started. We arrived at about 5 am. There was a slight rain and super humid. My clothes started sticking to me as soon as I got off the plane. But it's not too bad.
     First impressions of Angola: Luanda is huge!!! There are some super nice buildings and there are also some that are falling apart. There are people everywhere, walking, sitting, talking. We get some pretty funny looks haha, I don't know if its cause of our suit and tie or cause we're white....
     Right now we're sitting in President and Sister Thompson's apartment. It's actually really nice. Sister Thompson made us fruit, muffins, and cereal for breakfast. After this, we're going to take a little nap, thank heavens! And then we get to meet our companions and get started! My companion's name is Elder Hobbs and we're serving in Luanda Dois!!!!
     I made it safely! It's gonna take some getting use to, but I'm stoked! You all are in my prayers. I love you all so much!

With Love from the MotherLand,
Elder Money

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