Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Last week of the MTC!!!

Oi Familia!!
How's it going?! I hope everything is good and you all had a happy valentines day!!
One Week til i reach the "MotherLand"!!!! I'm so Stoked! Africa here i come!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):)
I'm gonna miss the MTC but I'm ready to leave. It's getting sooooo crowded. There's
3,000+ missionaries here now, which is a record. and it's suppose to double by July or
august. Boa Sorte to all the Elders and sisters coming in :) So this week has been kinda
sad! Most of our district has left... Elder Anderson, Lant, and Lamkin, who were all suppose
to go to Brazil, didn't get their visas so they got reassigned. Elder Lamkin got reassigned
to Philadelphia Pennsylvania mission, Elder Lant got reassigned to Salt lake hahahahaha
and Elder Anderson (who was like my best friend in the MTC) got reassigned to Provo
hahahahahahahahaha. We kept joking that he wouldn't need a car but that they'd just drop
off a bike and he'd ride out the front gate. but it was sad to see him leave. then Another
elder, Elder Horne had to go home because he needs surgery on his knee. its been bugging
him ever since he got here and he's already had surgery once.... he's a big kid 6'8!!! so he
went home. and then the other three, Elder Shumway, Elder Williams, and Elder Bishop
left to Portugal. So its just me Elder Cummings, Elder Fontaine, And Elder Merkley. We're
ready to leave.... It's exciting, but I'm nervous at the same time. I start taking my Malaria
pills tomorrow :/ so that'll be fun. Hopefully i don't get sick! Love You All!!!! you're in my

Message of the week: "See others as they may become, not as they are" -Thomas S. Monson.

Elder Money

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