Monday, September 8, 2014

21st Birthday

Well Finally 21!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It truly was one of the best birthdays I've ever had. Also Shout out to my COUGS on beating Texas, again! ;)
This week, Id like to talk about the blessings of living the Gospel. We sing a song that poses the question ''Who's on the Lord's side? Who?'' One thing I have learned on the mish is that the Lord protects those who are on his side, given they are worthy of his protection. With that said, If we want the Lord's protection and the blessings of the Gospel, we have to be worthy of that. Sometimes Ill stop and look around where we are and it amazes me. In the middle of the bairro, late at night, and 10 times out of 10, we're the only white guys there haha. But what amazes me is that we never feel afraid. I have learned to put my trust in the Lord. I wouldn't dare enter in 90 percent of the places we go if i wasn't a missionary. But I know that as long as I am doing what I'm suppose to, I will be protected, because I am on the Lords side.
I have also developed a Love for the scriptures. I love finding little flecks of gold in the scripts. I know that this is the Lord's church. I hope you all are doing what you need to to receive of these blessings. I cant imagine living my life without the blessings of the Gospel. Love you all. Thanks for all the support!
Elder Money

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