Monday, January 6, 2014

So subir

I'm finally on the second half of my mission! I hear it goes faster than the first, we'll see I guess....

This week was pretty cool. We Hiked up to a place called Cristo Rei. Its on the tip of the mountain here and its a big statue of Christ. There are a couple ways to get up, one is to go up the road, which comes up from behind. but we don't have a car and it would take a long time, plus we wouldn't get to see anything cool along the way. The other way is to go to the front of the mountain and just walk up. We walked up to the base of the mountain, theres a bunch of little houses which are more like huts, around it. and then its just green... plants, trees, brush, etc. and then it gets really steep and its just rocks. We asked some people how to get to Cristo Rei and they told us ''So subir'' which means ''Just Climb''. So that's what we did. We started walking up. Theres no path to get up there, you kinda just make your own. So we started walking through the plants, then it got flat for a little bit and we walked around. it was awesome to look back and see how far we had walked, even though we still had a long ways left. We could always see where we wanted to go. It was just a matter of getting there. occasionally we'd stop look around, and say well where to now, and then somebody without fail would say ''So Subir'' so that's what we did haha. We just climbed. It was beautiful. We even found a chameleon along the way! and We finally made it to the top of Cristo Rei which looks out over all of Lubango. I thought of a quote that Reed gave me at the beginning of my mission. its something among the lines of:

''Out of all those who did it, there will be those who said 'I could've done it better' or those who would say 'i would've done it different' but in the end, all that really matters are those who actually did it.''

Its a lot like life. We know our destination - Eternal Life. Now its just a matter of getting there. There are a bunch of different ways to get there. All of us we'll have our trials. all of us will have to walk through the weeds, and plants, and trees. And some parts might get hard and all we can do is ''só Subir''. Thanks to the atonement, our sins can be forgiven. We CAN make it there. In the end, it doesnt matter what happened, as long as we get there!

Quero ver todos vocês la! :) Eu Amo vocês

Com Amor,
Elder Money

Translated: I want to see you all there! :) I love you all


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