Monday, January 20, 2014


A bittersweet week. I got a call from my mission president this week that my dear 'Gramps' had passed away. I was waiting for this day, and praying for it so that he could move on to a better place, but its still hard.

I have been especially grateful this week for the plan of salvation. I had the opportunity to teach the plan of salvation to an investigator the day i found out that Gramps passed away. That was a special experience. It really is a trial of your faith. But I'm glad to say that i do believe this plan. I am grateful for the knowledge of the plan of salvation. I know Gramps is in a better place. Hes happier, hes healthier, He's laughing more than ever with that great old laugh of his that we all know and love tss tss tss. :)

What a great example he was. His charity, he was always giving, even if it was old stale bread from the warehouse :) he was always serving others, Gramps could never stand to let someone else work when he wasn't. He was tougher than nails. I will miss him, everything about him, even his crazy stubbornness! haha. But every single one of my memories with gramps is a happy one, ones that will always be cherished. I love you gramps. Keep a look out on the family while I'm gone. Its not goodbye, but see you later. :)

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