Monday, December 9, 2013

Elder Hamilton/Lubango!!

So a lot happened this week!
First off, Elder Hamilton came and all the Elders from the provinces came up for Mission conference. It was awesome. Elder Hamilton talked about some of the problems we address as missionaries here in Angola and talked about possible solutions to those problems and what we as missionaries can do better to help establish The Church here in Angola.
Walking with Elder Hamilton! It was an awesome experience. I was super nervous!!!!! one because hes a general authority, and two because no one likes to sit with us in the mornings, so I didn't think we'd have anyone to sit with. But we were able to find some people to teach. We taught a young girl named F..., She was baptized when she was 9 but never had a testimony and never comes to church. Elder Hamilton speaks french and Spanish so he understands quite a bit, cant speak Portuguese though. So we translated for him. We taught the lesson, and at the end. He asked a couple of questions. They were super simple questions, but super powerful. You can definitely tell that he has the Spirit with him. Then we Went and taught a family. The dad, A...., was baptized when I got here in August, and already has the Melchizedek Priesthood. Super awesome guy. But his wife, J...., is super religious, has already read the BOM, but never comes to church. She believes church is in the Heart. We had an amazing lesson with them. And after they asked if Elder Hamilton could give a blessing to their grandson, who was a little sick. So he had A.... do the first part, and towards the end, antonio was so emotional that he could barely talk. Then Elder Hamilton sealed the blessing and I translated. Again, super simple, but very powerful. When he finished, A.... had tears running down his cheeks, and J.... was crying so bad she couldn't even look up. Then they cooked us a little snack and that was that. It was a wonderful learning experience that I'll never forget.
And we found out transfers today. I will be leaving Cassequel and going to Lubango! I am sooo excited! The provinces are where all the missionaries want to go. There are only 4 missionaries in all of Lubango. My new companion will be Elder Dunkley and Ill be DL. I'm looking forward to it. I get out of Luanda for the hot season, but i hear its raining a ton down there :)
Next email will be from Lubango! Love you all!
Elder Money

Pictures taken from Elder Cafferty's blog

Picture with Elder Hamilton

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