Monday, August 12, 2013


Hey everyone!
so we had transfers this last week. I am now in Cassequel. Its the heart of the (concrete) jungle. ;) it is in the Heart of the city. It is a beautiful area though. My area includes Mutambo and the ilha, which is the beach. its awesome.
Elder Stewart is my new companion. hes cool. we get a long pretty well, as for right now, its just me and him in our house. We're still waiting for the new Elders to get their visas. so we'll see. We fault energy every once in a while. And we have to conserve our water, back to bucket showers haha. I love it though, it makes me feel more like a missionary. :)
There are a lot more homeless people and Malucos. and they love the missionaries. This morning as we were walking to the taxi stop, this one guy saw us and started walking along side of me, Elder Stewart, Elder Montgomery, and Elder Tingey and marching as he walked with us, yelling ''one, two three four quarto cinco seis'' haha, then we got to the taxi stop, and there was a guy who was yelling out his route for his taxi, and the crazy guy goes up to him and punches him in the back haha. then we get in the taxi, and he starts asking as about our church. So we gave him a pass along card, and drove off. Theres never a dull moment in Angola :)
Things are going great though. I love my new area. Its nice to have a change. My new comp is cool, we get a long. And our district is awesome! plus the other Elders only live one street away from us so that's cool. Were right across from the Airport. so we hear planes all the time.
Every day, I love the Gospel more and more. It really does bless lives. I love thinking of the saying ''Missionaries leave their families for 2 years so that others can be together forever'' that really is our purpose here. to help others come to Christ. Families are eternal. Sou bem grato pelo conhecimento e a alegria que vem com o Evangelho. Eu amo Voces!!
Elder Money

Translation: I'm very thankful for the knowledge and joy that comes with the gospel. I love you guys!

First three photos taken from Elder Hobbs blog

                                       These two photos taken from Jose Abdo's Facebook

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