Monday, July 29, 2013


Hey everyone!
so this past week was awesome! One of the best on the mission. Our lessons have been going great, and were working hard. Funda was the highlight of my week.
Funda is a place that's outside of the city of Luanda. Luanda is super dirty, there is trash and sewage and people everywhere!!! its packed. sooo many people in such a small area. We also have missionaries in the provinces, which are outside of Luanda, and all the missionaries want to go there cause its clean and more like Africa. But on Saturday, Elder McAllister, elder Hyde, and Elder McCune and i all got to go to Funda. All the Youth of the church in Luanda had a 3 day camp out at Funda. its out of Luanda, and its on a lake. It was beautiful. sooo pretty. and Elder McAllister and I even got to teach some people who lived there. it was super cool and such a blessing to see the pretty side of Angola for a change.
We also had like a ward family night. we watched 17 miracles. It was awesome. the Spirit was way strong. Its crazy to think of all the hard times that the pioneers went through just to get to Zion. I love church movies. we watch them whenever we can haha. they're super cheesy but they're awesome. Legacy is my favorite.
Family nights are my favorite things on the mission. Every Monday night after p-day, we pick a family and have a family night with them. We share a spiritual thought and then play a game. They're awesome. If you don't have family night, you should start. it really is such a blessing. The other day i was thinking about the church in general. and just thinking of what a blessing it is in my life. All my best friends, come from the church, i love the blessings of knowing that i can live with my family forever, because of the church. I have the opportunity to serve for 2 years, in Africa, because of the church. and it just got me thinking, this church HAS to be true. there is no way it isn't. You look at all the good things the Church has done for the world. My life is immensely blessed because of the church. I love the scripture in Mosiah 2:41. its one of my favorites. When i think of the people who are happy, they are always those who keep the commandments. I know that if we do this, the Lord will bless us. A igreja é um benção em nossas vidas. o evangelho abençoa todas as familias.
I love you all! thanks for your examples to me.
Elder Money

Translate: The church is a blessing in our lives. The gospel blesses all families.

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