Monday, November 4, 2013


So this week we had transfers. Elder Cafferty is my new comp. We're living with Elder Tingey and Elder Yeonoplos. Its gonna be a fun transfer :) Cafferty and I are getting a long great. this week was pretty crazy. We had transfers on p-day. We decided to move houses. there are two houses in our area, one road away from each other. and 6 missionaries. so 2 live in one and 4 in the other. the house i was living in had 4. it was small, and we always ran out of water. so with transfers, we decided to move into the other house. so we did. best decision ever!!! its awesome. the room is way bigger. they always have water. so we can take normal showers now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and wash our clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mine were starting to stink even after i put them in the wash! but its really cool. i put up some African paintings. way cool. this should be a fun transfer.... Elder Cafferty and I made transfer goals.... our goals are 100 lessons and 2 people baptized! we're shooting high, but hopefully well get it.

Our area is pretty new. We dropped all of our old investigators who aren't doing well. We had 4 investigators at church yesterday. One that had been investigating for a while. His name is Benjamin. So it was way cool for him to finally come to church! We were way excited about that. So elder Cafferty and I will be doing a lot of door contacting and finding. and a lot of dropping. Everyone loves to listen to us, but not many like to act.
That's way cool you went to dinner with Yuki. i bet she loved that. shes a really cool girl. Lasallette is awesome as well. i tried to weasel my way out of playing piano, cause Elder Stewart would play it normally, but he left, and before he did he made sure to tell everyone that i play. and so Lassalette made sure that i played during sacrament. haha. shes like the mom of the church in Angola. you cant say no to her. so i did. it went alright. I played praise to the man to start, and i messed up a couple times haha it was pretty embarrassing. and i was way nervous!!! cause president Merrill and president Miranda (district president) were both there sitting right next to me. i played Jesus of Nazareth for the sacrament hymn, but i never practiced it before so i just played the right hand... but it was on the organ setting so you couldn't really tell :) and then i finished with God be with you til we meet again. and that one went well. it was a humbling experience that's for sure. but it was one of the best sacraments ever.
The highlight of my week was moving into the new house.
the worst part was.... i dunno there wasn't really a bad part. maybe the fact that we only got 6 lessons this week haha. transfer week is always crazy!

but things are going good. Ohhh funny story. i dunno if i told you or not. but this happened a couple weeks ago. this guy came up to me and was like hey do you know this guy, showed me a pic and it was a pic of max!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i started freaking out i was like how did you get that pic!! he said that his sister fed the missionaries at her house. she lives in Denmark!!!!!!!!!! how crazy is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha.
I was thinking about the whole ''ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened up unto you'' scripts this past week. And i was talking to some of the missionaries about it. And i said that i don't have a super strong testimony about that. And one of the Elders responded, well maybe the answer isn't always yes.... it could be no. I had never thought about that before. Sometimes I would ask Heavenly Father for something and I never got it. It wasn't that it was a bad desire or anything like that, but it just never came. Well, my answer was no. :) haha. We might not always like it. but we do always receive answers to our prayers. Sometimes its yes, sometimes its no. And sometimes its nothing. When that happens, its because Heavenly Father trusts us to make the right decision or its not time yet. I have a testimony of this. Heavenly Father does hear our prayers. We just have to work on recognizing the answer and accepting His will.

I Love you all and miss you!! Keep writing. Support from home is the best thing you can give a missionary.

Elder Money

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