Monday, November 11, 2013

Hey Everyone

Glad to hear everyones doing good at home. Congrats to madeline... shouldve looked for a guy from BYU, but utah is alright ;)
So things are going good in our area. Theyre starting to pick up. we've been doing a lot of door contacting, which is frustrating but funny at the same time. We're working on finding people who really want it. We've really been working with the members and it helps a ton!!! I cant remember who it was, but someone gave a talk this past general conference that talked about how much the church would grow if every member would share the gospel with at least 1 person. 1 person can lead to 2 and 2 to more. Its crazy how much of an influence we can be in peoples lives, and us having the knowledge of the true gospel, have the responsibility to share it with others.
Yesterday, after eating dinner with Brother Weggland, we left a spritiual message, and he said how he really thinks that living in Angola is like living amongst the Gadianton Robbers. This morning on our way to soccer, we saw a fight, which happens all the time, and a cop was right there, he walked by and looked, then just walked away. then some people broke up the two teenagers that were fighting, but the one wasnt done, he wanted some more. so he went after the kid again, but a big guy got in between them. and the little kid was still gonna fight him! then we heard everyone screaming, and we out the window of our taxi and the kid pulled out a knife... theres cops around, but they dont do anything. i dont know what happened cause our taxi drove off. But I thought about what Brother Weggland said. It really is like living amongst the Gadianton Robbers. It seems like everything here contradicts the teaching of the Gospel. Beer is cheaper than water. people hang up posters on the walls with half naked woman on them, people have bars on their windows and big metal gates on their doors, because there are so many robbers, the cops are corrupt and just want money, etc. I really thought about it. About the nephites and the Book of Mormon. All the things we can learn from the Book of Mormon. It truly is the keystone of our religion. As missionaries we are constantly studying it. constantly telling others about it and inviting them to read and study it, and because of all of this my testimony has grown. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon, for the things that we can learn from it. I know that its true. We can receive spiritual strength if we study it and live its teachings.
I love you all,
Elder Money

Pictures from Sister Merrill's blog

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