Monday, June 24, 2013


So this week we got transfers! turns out ill be staying another transfer in Luanda 2C with Elder Mcallister. the other two elders who live with us are both leaving and no one is replacing them! so well be the only Elders in our house. which means we each get our own bathroom, own shower, own toilet, own bunk bed, own study room. haha turns out I'm still spoiled, even in Africa :)
But things are going great! so I'm happy to stay. It'll be a change to only have two elders in the house, but I'm excited. Our area is awesome!! We have some amazing investigators. The Lord has blessed us so much. Elder Mcallister said to me the other day 创I Feel like we don't even do anything创 What he means is that all of our investigators are progressing perfectly. Some Elders have couples who cant get married, or people who cant give up drinking or other habits. but our investigators are awesome. They truly have been prepared by the Lord. So we really do just rely on him and try our best. I really like a quote that my mom sent me back when i was in the MTC. i don't remember it exactly, but its something like 创The Lord will always do his part, but it will always be the second part.创 As long as we do our part he will do his. and that's really whats going on in our area right now.
our chapel in Multiperfil just got its own portable baptismal font. so that will be way nice, we don't have to go all the way into the city into Cassequelle to go to baptisms. We have one baptism this week. his name is CAMS. (Good luck to whoever pronounces that one :) ) but he was born in Cabo Verde. Hes super cool! and super nice and humble.
And now for my missionary soapbox :) One thing the mission has taught me is how to deal with other people. Often times well get frustrated with ourselves when we cant do something, or sometimes well get frustrated with others when they don't do something right. But what I've learned is that nobody is perfect. For me, i knew i wasn't perfect, or anywhere close. but my problem was that i expected others to be. and when they weren't, i got frustrated. For example sometimes well be in a lesson and my comp well start teaching something different then what i wanted to teach. or maybe someone will leave a mess in the kitchen. When things like this happen, we can choose how we react. the truth is that nobody is perfect. We are all imperfect. and we have to learn to deal with it. And were all that Heavenly Father has to deal with. Imperfect beings. so when i get frustrated i just think of Him and his example, and it encourages me to fix my imperfections. patience patience patience.
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Matthew 7:5

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