Monday, June 17, 2013

6 Months!!!

First off, Happy fathers day to all the dads!! Hope it was a great one, even though your favorite son/bro/bro-in-law wasn't there.
So in two days, I hit my 6 month mark!! I cant believe I'm already 1/4th done! time flies.
So next week is transfers. i love my area, but I've been here for 4 months and I'm about ready for a change. so well see what happens.
This past week A got baptized. Hes awesome. He started the lessons with some other Elders but then moved into our area. His wife was gonna come to his baptism, but shes pregnant and so she didn't make it. But once she delivers he once us to teach her the lessons so that's awesome! Elder Tingey baptized him, and i confirmed him. he really wants to go to the temple and get sealed! so were hoping that she'll gain a testimony, then get baptized, and A will be able to baptize her, then they, and their two kids will get sealed in the temple!!! but one step at a time :)
Other than that, not much has happened, were working hard to help all our progressing investigators, and try to find new ones at the same time. Things are going good! ..... funny story I'm sitting here writing this email and some guy starts saying something, so i turn around and hes asks me in English if he can come play soccer with us sometime. (we play soccer every p-day so were in our soccer clothes) turns out hes from Nigeria and wants to play. so i gave him a pass along card. so well see how that goes!
So Angolans are known for their dreams. We always have investigators who tell us about their crazy dreams. i don't know if its something in the water, or just the land or what, but lately i have been having the weirdest dreams ever haha. Africa is definitely a special place.
I love you all! and miss you. you're in my prayers every day and thank you for all of yours!! the church is true :)

Elder Money


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