Monday, May 20, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Hey everyone!
Congrats to Cory, Jake, and Hunter!! You guys are studs and are going to be awesome missionaries!

This weeks letter is going to be pretty lame haha. So things are going good. Not a whole lot of things are new. My new companion, Elder McCallister, is pretty cool. We have a lot of fun together. But yeah we've been teaching a lot of lessons and sweating a lot haha. same old same old. President and Sister Thompson leave on Wednesday so well be without a mission president for a while. We finally got APs though!!! its sooo nice that were becoming our own mission. or ``Independence`` as we like to call it haha. but they'll be getting a car so thatll be awesome! but yeah, other than that. things are the same!!
One thing that I've been really focusing on is prayer. Prayer is such a huge thing, especially on the mish. I really like the quote that goes something like, Heavenly Father ALWAYS hears our prayers. we pray so that we may be able to hear him. If you take a second to look around i guarantee you will notice Gods hand in your life.
Love you all!!! Remember to count your many blessings!!
Elder Money

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