Monday, July 21, 2014


Hey y'all.
Sorry its been a while. We've been pretty busy. Things here are going good. Same old same old. Thanks for all the emails and support you guys give. I love to hear all the good things that are going on. Sounds like you guys are having a blast without me.... ;)
Trish, Ryan, and Ash, This week in moms letter to me, she addressed it to me, her favorite child. Sorry guys, guess its finally sealed. ;p
Some of the Elders in our zone got robbed this past week. Their house got robbed in the middle of the night, with them in it! but no worries, they're all fine. The robber just took some food, a DVD player, and a cell phone.
People keep calling us German cause of the world cup, we just accept it and give them a thumbs up haha.
We've been focusing a ton on The Book of Mormon lately. Which is good, cause i got really caught up in using the bible and bible bashing. Really it all just comes down to whether The Book of Mormon is true or not. As Ezra Taft Benson says, ''every man is eventually backed up to the wall of faith and there he must take his stand.'' I know its true. No church understands the bible as well as ours, thanks to The Book of Mormon. Knowing this, we have a responsibility to do our part. To go to church, ON TIME. to keep the commandments, and especially to share it with EVERYONE. I challenge you all to reach out and try and share the Gospel with someone who hasn't felt the blessings of it in their lives. I know the Gospel has blessed my life and because of that, i enjoy sharing it with others. Help the missionaries out. I hate knocking doors. The best way to do missionary work is through the members, but this requires the participation of YOU, the members. I love you all. You guys are the greatest. Heavenly Father has blessed us all more than we realize. Love you!.
Elder Money

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