Monday, October 14, 2013

Families and Testimonies

So another week!

This week was pretty good. Nothing too special. I love my area. There are a lot of awesome people in our branch. Two missionaries from Angola are leaving this week. one of them is going to Ghana and the other is going to Portugal!

This week we had a baptism. His name is Itanilson. Hes an awesome kid. Super smart. Hes neighbors with one of the families in our branch. So hes got an awesome support group and will be an awesome member of the church. We have a family night at their house tomorrow night. They're awesome. They're all members. Its cool to see how the church grows. There's this family's house and about 3 other houses around it who are all LDS. they're an awesome family and are always doing missionary work.

One thing Ive been thinking a lot about this week is my testimony and families... My Testimony has grown soooo much on my mission! Theres a scripture in 2 Nephi 5:27 that talks about living happily. Its a simple scripture and one of my favorites. Its when the Nephites separated from the Lamanites and are obeying the commandments and are living happily. This is a huge part of my testimony. I Am grateful for the gospel because it gives me hope. Because of the Gospel I know that I can live with my family forever. I know that we are blessed with happiness when we live and obey the Gospel. We will live, like the Nephites, after the manner of happiness. The Gospel Blesses Families!

Elder Money

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